I’m a young mom, interior stylist, habitual re-decorator of my own house, leather purse maker, with a constant need for a creative outlet.

Lifestyle & Design Online is a place for me to share our life, my style, and design. (With a few personal tangents along the way.)


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Baby girl! Woohoo! I have a 14 month old girl and its seriously the best!

    I am so in love with your bedroom hanging glass pendant light fixture and hoping you would be so kind to share the source. I feel like I’m going crazy hunting for it!


    • I got it at Rugsusa.com. There’s a but…. Normally I love everything I get from there. At first I loved that rug! It is suuuuuper thick and soft! The problem… I got really really dirty really easily even though it was in a low traffic room, and I vacuumed it religiously. We’ve since gotten rid of it. I’m not sure why it held dirt so easily, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. I lOVE the shelf you put in the kitchen above your countertop and below the cabinet. Did you raise the cabinet to accommodate the shelf? My cabinets are @ 17″ from the countertop but yours looks a little higher? Would you mind sharing the hight of your cabinets off the countertops and the hight of your cabinets as well?

  3. Hi! Absolutely love your wall color in the kitchen. What is it? Did you go slightly whiter for the trim and ceiling or is it all the same color?

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