Helping Friends Love Their Loft

A friend of mine recently asked me for some help at her house. She and her husband had recently renovated a loft and she said she hated it. I think she just felt stuck. She knew what she liked and could point out spaces she liked on the internet, but I think she just didn’t know where to start in her own home. I think it’s a problem a lot of people have. They feel like they have to just scrap everything they have and start over. Occasionally that might be true, but it wasn’t even a little true in this case. Here are the before pictures of their living room and kitchen area: IMG_2354

The space itself are what design dreams are made of….Tall ceilings, loads of natural light, an open floor plan, exposed brick, and tons of character!


They had done a lot of things right in the space. They had arranged the major pieces of furniture in the right places for this room

. IMG_2342



Initially, they had planed to put a new kitchen in the space. To save money, they instead opted to put the original metal cabinets back in. I think it was a great choice! They add a lot of character to the space. I love that it’s not something you see every day. Their kitchen needs a bit of tweaking, which they plan to do in the future, but for now it’s functional and also really cool.



They also had a lot of really great staple pieces. They have great taste. It was just putting those pieces together that was the problem.



The other issue was just clutter. We all struggle with that. it’s easy to collect things and just keep adding them into your space, but generally less is more, especially when the bones of the house are as amazing as this. All the “extras” were getting in the way of an actual style for the space.


Another big problem was that pictures she showed me of her “ideal” living room were very formal, but some of the pieces in her living room weren’t formal at all. I think that was a major contributor to her dissatisfaction with her living room. These huge bean bag chairs just weren’t fitting the vision of what she showed me she wanted.

My job here was super easy, because they had so much cool stuff! Check out the blog later this week to see what we did in the space! I can’t wait to show the “afters!”