The Truth About my Blog

Over and over and over again, I get asked, “How’s the blog going?” I never really know how to answer that question. I’ve come to realize that people think I’m a blogger that’s hoping for my blog to become my career. Honestly, that’s just not what I’m after. I started blogging somewhere around 4 years ago. It started as a creative outlet and a way to document all the projects I had going on around the house. It became clear to me really quickly that blogging wasn’t my passion. It takes a lot of work to maintain a blog of this nature, probably more work than most people realize. I spend hours taking photos, editing photos, and putting together blogs. I knew from the get-go I never wanted to HAVE to blog. I always wanted it to be just a hobby that I enjoy, and when I was over it I just wouldn’t post anymore. It’s important to me to enjoy blogging.

There are so many people that have pushed me to get sponsors and try to make this blog a career for me. I really always appreciated their enthusiasm, but I couldn’t really explain why that idea was such a turn off for me. Getting paid for something you are already doing sounds like a great thing, but I guess I saw the blogging industry heading in the direction that it’s moving before it really started moving. This New York Times article explains it all.

Being a sponsor of a blog just isn’t enough for the corporate world. They want to sponsor posts and manipulate content. In my opinion, that tarnishes what blogging is really all about. The blogs that seem to be going the strongest aren’t one man operations anymore. They’re turning into corporate affairs themselves. That’s never been my ambition or vision for my life. I never chased ratings or sponsors because I never wanted to catch them. I’ve always looked at my blog as just a way to share my passion with friends and family. More than anything, I saw it as a way to build a portfolio. The blog has served me well in those aspects. Shane and I have gotten a bit of recognition in the design world, and for us that’s been far more important and exciting than any pay check could have been. Do I want a ton of readers? Absolutely, but not in order to get sponsors or make money. I’m really only looking for exposure.

So to answer your question…The blog is going well. I’m accomplishing what I set out to accomplish with it. It’s my creative outlet, it’s my portfolio, and it’s opening doors for Shane and I that I never really considered before. I’m not all that interested in sponsors and I’m not interested in making blogging a career. I’m more interested in seeing what doors blogging opens up for Shane and I, but ultimately I’m simply sharing my passions with you one post at a time!