What Weight Darts Do the Pros Use?

If you want to hone your darting skills and become a pro, you need to get the best darts on the market today. But what weight darts do pros use? Well, the range of weights of darts is from 12 grams to 50 grams. However, if you’ve reached the pro level, you would usually use darts with 30 grams weight or more. The 30-gram darts provide a great balance. They also offer straight and consistent flight and do not strain much the player’s arm.

Pros generally consider several factors when choosing darts such as the quality of the barrels, points, flights, and many other factors. Moreover, the weight of the darts that pros usually use is critical to how they perform during the game.

Why are Heavy Darts Better for Professional Use?

Professionals do not play darts for fun. They usually play for the prize, although they generally enjoy their games likewise. If you play darts recreationally, you don’t need to use heavy darts for you may not be accustomed to using heavy darts. Furthermore, you will easily strain your hands if you use heavy darts

But as a professional, you would be required to practice with heavy darts above 30 grams. Heavy darts, of course, require much practice to get your body accustomed to their weight. Thus, pros work out heavily to easily handle the heavier darts whose weights range from 30 to 50 grams.

Professional dart players, however, know their comfort zones. They may use varying weights of darts as long as they are comfortable with those darts. They may also try several weights of darts to figure out what is the most suitable weights for their playing styles.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Darts

As a pro, you need to choose the right weight and size of your darts. Your choice usually hinges on your height, size, and capability. If you are small, you don’t need to overburden yourself with 50-gram darts. On the other hand, if you are bulky and muscular, you may simply destroy a lightweight dart. Thus, you need to carefully figure out the best size and weight of darts for your capability.

When choosing a darts set, therefore, you need to consider your body built, strength, playing style, and your game plan. To help you zero in on the ideal darts set for your use, here are the succinct factors that you need to consider when buying a darts set.

  • Consider the Weight of the Darts!

As mentioned above, the weight of darts is critical to your success in a dart game. You should choose dart weights that would be appropriate for your weight and size. If you are a small dart player who is not so muscularly built, you should make use of darts whose weights range from 16 to 20 grams. Small players prefer the 18 grams because they feel that at this weight, they exhibit consistency and improved strength. As a general rule, you should choose a weight class that you can readily and comfortably handle.

  • Consider Balance!

Aside from the appropriate weight of darts that you could easily handle, you should also consider the balance that the dart provides. If you get the right weight but don’t get the right balance, you may find it difficult to have a perfect game.

The specific gravity of the darts, when assembled, is essential to consider when choosing a dart set. Some darts, for example, have their weight concentrated at the front. Others, however, feel heavier at the back.

The concentration of the weight, therefore, plays a critical roleion how you position your hand and on your playing style. Many professional dart players generally have different sets of darts at hand. They also know when to switch to a particular set of darts when necessary.

  • Figure out the Combination that will work for you!

Benjamin Franklin once said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This saying is quite applicable when playing darts as a pro likewise. Your success a professional dart player goes back to how you plan for your game. Before the game, you should spend time figuring out the best combination of point, flight, shaft, and barrels. Prior to the game, you should mix up different types of barrels, points, shafts, and flights until you zero in on the ideal combo.


Once you’ve figured out the best combos, you can then prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and psychologically for the rigors of the competitions. You visualize yourself winning the dart game that you really want to win. You also visualize your game plan and actualize that game plan. But you will never really achieve your game plan if you haven’t known beforehand what weight darts do pros use. Moreover, you will also not win if you haven’t figured out the best balance and the right combos of the different parts of the darts.


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