How to Clean a Bowling Ball?

The buildup of oil layers on a bowling ball will surely cause the ball to react differently to the lane. In turn, if your ball reacts differently to the lane, your ball would eventually lose its grip on the lane. This will surely affect your throw, and eventually, you would lose control of your game. Hence, you should clean your ball every after throw and have it deep-cleaned every after 50 games.

Two Ways to Get Your Bowling Ball Cleaned

You can either get your bowling ball cleaned in two ways. First, you can do the cleaning on your own using the available household products. This saves you from paying for the cleaning service of pro shop. The other option of course, is bringing your bowling ball to a pro shop near your home for a thorough cleaning using an oil extraction machine.

At the pro shop, experts can readily inspect your bowling ball and inform you if there are small damages that you might have overlooked. Here are the simple tips on how to keep a bowling balls for kids clean:

  • Regularly clean Your Bowling Ball!

The best time to clean your ball is right after a throw when the oil is still fresh on the ball’s surface. This is the reason why you would usually see professional players wipe the oil off their bowling ball before every throw and after every throw. Oil usually builds up and becomes difficult to remove after the passing of time. Hence, you should wipe the oil from your ball before they harden up.

You should keep a ball towel with you when you play. You can use this towel to readily wipe down layers of oil on the surface of your bowling ball. You should, however, choose a lint-free towel, something like a microfiber cloth for this purpose. Ideally, you should wipe the oil from the surface of the ball every after shot.

  • Use Rubbing Alcohol to Loosen up Oil

After every game, the pores of your bowling ball are still open due to friction. This means that you can easily clean the oil off the ball’s surface while its surface is still warm. Hence, you should get your towel and moisten it up with a rubbing alcohol. Don’t oversoak the towel with alcohol. A little bit of alcohol can go a long way in cleaning your bowling ball. Then, you should dry your bowling ball using the dry part of your towel.

  • Deep Clean Your Ball Every after 50 Games!

Aside from regularly cleaning your bowling ball every after throw, you should also deep clean your ball every after 50 games. You can do this by covering the finger holes of your ball with a waterproof tape. This will prevent water from seeping into the holes and damaging your ball eventually.

Then, you should prepare a bucket filled with warm water. There, you can immerse the ball. Oil, of course, is lighter than water. Hence, it tends to rise on the surface of the water when the ball is soaked in warm water.

You can soak your bowling ball up to 20 minutes to allow the warm water to work into the pores of your bowling ball. Afterward, you can remove the ball from the bucket, take off the strip of tape that covers the finger holes, and allow the ball to dry to let the remaining moisture to evaporate.

  • Take Your Bowling Ball to a Pro Shop

The other way to get your bowling ball cleaned is by taking it to a pro shop. At the pro shop, they have specialized cleaning machines called “oil extraction machines.” The oil extraction machine consists of water tanks that heat to allow the ball’s pores to open up.

You can simply bring the ball to one of these pro shops near your place. Then, have a pro shop personnel do the cleaning of your bowling ball for you. It’s that easy and the service fee at these pro shops is usually not expensive. Moreover, the assigned pro shop employee will readily point out to you any damage or potential damage that you might have overlooked.

The cleaning process may take about an hour or more. So, you can simply leave your bowling ball at the pro shop if you have some errands to do or you can simply wait at the pro shop for an hour or more until the cleaning process is done.


Having your bowling ball cleaned regularly can prevent small damage from becoming bigger. At the same time, with a clean ball, you can surely take control of your bowling ball and the outcomes of your game. Always remember that the longevity of your bowling ball depends on how you take care of it. Hence, it is imperative that you get your bowling ball cleaned every after throw and deep cleaned every after 50 games.

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