Story Time

Jolie was a complete grump yesterday morning and evening. It’s likely she was a perfect angel for the sitter, but for me…not so much. Today it’s my turn. I’m feeling one part pissed off, one part frustrated as hell, and 98 parts OVER IT! I’m working on snapping out of it, though. I’ve got back to back shots of espresso going, I’m going to kick my rear at the gym in a bit, and I’m going to change my attitude ASAP. Distractions are welcomed, though. So why not distract myself with a little blogging. Today is brought to you by a healthy dose of get over yourself, Emily.

I think part of my problem is I’m feeling a bit antsy. I’m the queen of restlessness, no doubt. I really can’t stay put for long, and I’m here to tell you…I’ve stayed put too long. I’m ready for a good adventure. We are hoping to take off for Australia in November, but until then…I’m just going to relive the past.

We’ve done some seriously cool stuff over the years, and mostly met some really great people, and have some fun stories! Today, I’m reliving one that makes me smile.

A few years ago we spent 3 months in Germany.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.38.27 AM.png

We lived in a fairly sleepy little town named Zwickau.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.41.10 AM.png

There was a GIANT 500 year old church at the center of town, surrounded by shops, and cafes, and restaurants.

Shane worked at a body shop in the next town over. It seems like everywhere we’ve ever gone people are so generous, and friendly, and welcoming. We got invited to a dinner at the house of one of the people he worked with at the body shop. We of course accepted. There was a pretty big language barrier, but when lots of beer and lots of meat (literally and figuratively) are involved does talking really matter? No, it does not…

I’m not sure I have my story completely right, but it seems like multiple generations were living in the same house, and there wasn’t enough room for everyone inside the house. So, they set up a huge table in the garage and filled the thing completely full of all sorts of food, and beer, and shots. Lots of shots. We sat around the table and ate and drank with Mom, Grandma, the whole family, and a bunch of other people I never did really work out who they were. The best part, though? All four walls of that garage, floor to ceiling, was plastered with porn..spread eagle, all the body parts…porn…and no one but us and our Australian friends ever batted an eye.

Can you imagine eating dinner with your Grandma in a room full of porn staring back at you?! Yeah, me either. I don’t exactly take shots with my Grandma either, but to them it was no biggie. Somewhere along the line, they decided they were all adults, and who cares?! How freeing, right?! Those people were so unapologetic with their “wild” side. They just were who they were. They drank lots of beer and enjoyed looking at women, because who doesn’t, right? Americans have a way of pretending they’re somehow “above” biology. Give me a break…Who cares if leggings are really pants or not?!?! Trust me, as a whole, we’re plenty modest!

I’ve decided, as I enter my 30’s, I want to start living life more authentic to who I actually am. No, I’m not about to become a porn star or something, but can we all please just loosen up a little bit?!?!  The Germans do it right…beer at 4pm, good food, good company, good fun!


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