Sweet and Simple

I’ve been pretty open about how tough life is, lately. Shane is constantly traveling for work, and JoJo and I are flying solo. It makes life rough to say the least. Tackling being a mom to a very opinionated (yes, she totally got it from her mamma) 1 and a half year old completely on your own is…HARD. On top of all the time apart, we are at a major crossroads in life. We’re both making huge decisions about our career paths and taking big risks. It’s incredibly stressful, to say the least.  Today I had a moment, though. As I was putting on my makeup and my shadow was pretending to put on her makeup, I suddenly knew that down the road I’m REALLY going to miss this point in my life. Regardless of how much I’ve wished it away, I will miss the time when it was just me and my sweet little girl, in our sweet little house. As much as I’ve hated being alone, I also want to remember this. I want to remember our bond. Life is tough right now, but our days are so sweet and simple.




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