Practicing Gratitude 

I feel like my blog has been a bit impersonal, lately. When I initially started blogging, I wanted it to be all projects I was doing in my own home. I didn’t think 6 years ahead and what I would blog about once all our projects were done! I never thought I would seriously keep it up so long! Yeah, blogging hasn’t always been super consistent for me, but I can’t believe I’m still doing it and still really enjoying it! It might be the longest I’ve ever stuck with ANYTHING. Scratch that, I do have an 12+ year old sports bra that’s still going strong….till death do us part, but that’s it. That sports bra and blogging.

I’ve been feeling a little, “What now?” about the whole blogging thing. We’re mostly done with our house. We have a few maintenance type projects, but for the first time in…well…EVER, I’m completely satisfied with our house. Showing you more pictures is only redundant now, because nothing has changed! So, I’ve been showing you design stuff that catches my fancy and what I hope to do in the future, but our future is seriously up in the air. Our plans change almost daily. Although, we really hope to sell and buy a new house this year, that’s today’s plan. Tomorrow we will likely decide that we plan to retire in this house. Just kidding. I don’t think that will ever be the plan, but we’re so all over the place who knows?!?! So all that is to say, someday in the nearish future, I hope I’m once again showing you remodel happening in our house, but for now the remodeling is done.

I’m left feeling like, “well then how do I still make things personal around here?” I think the answer is to just be personal. If you absolutely don’t want to hear me ramble about my life and what’s happening in it….now is a good time to check out, ’cause it’s about to go down.

So, someone once told me that women go a little cray cray when they turn 30. Well, I think I’m feeling it….ahead of schedule. I turned 29 a few months ago, and for the first time in my life I’m wishing things would slow down a little. Historically, I’ve been the exact opposite. I couldn’t wait to be on to the next stage in life. Reality suddenly hit real hard around here. I have this incredibly vivid memory of telling someone I was 22. NO WAY was that really 7 years ago. OMG! Life is just flying by, and in a strange way it feels like I’m missing it.

I’ve been feeling kind of sorry for myself lately. When I think about the last year and a half, it feels like I’ve mostly been a single mother. Yes, I have a husband, but he travels so much for his job. He has missed huge chunks of Jolie’s life, my life, OUR life together. It’s really so easy to start wishing our time apart away. All of the sudden it’s starting to click for me, though. You get one shot at life. One shot at this year. Even if it’s not ideal, I better figure out how to make the absolute best of it. I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on life another. single. day.

Shane and I had a conversation about gratitude the other day. It seems like all super successful and happy people identify gratitude as an important philosophy to live by. It really resonated with me. Of course, when I’m asked, I can immediately come up with handfuls of things that I’m grateful for, but lately I’m practicing FEELING gratitude. I’m working on letting it fill me up.

  I’m letting moments like these be enough. This sweet girl is only this big ONCE. 

  I’m working on seeing the world like she does. It is one big adventure and I need to be eager to get out in it! 

  And bubbles really ARE the coolest thing ever…

  I’m going to not worry about getting my hair wet.

  And I’m going to get excited about the little things, like my very first herb garden! 

I have so much to be grateful for!

  I have a super fun job, where I get to help design spaces like this! 

And I’ve been getting a decent amount of my own design work on the side. I’m currently helping a family totally redo and really love their house without spending a ton of money. 


  Which I feel like is where I really shine. Getting to do this is something I need to learn to really be grateful for. Um hello…I’m living my dreams over here!!! 

When I spend time filling myself with gratitude, I get embarrassed that I was ever feeling sorry for myself. The truth is life is passing me by more quickly than I’d hoped. No matter how tough it seems, no matter how much I wish my circumstances were different, life is good. So incredibly good. It’s time to slow down, take it in, and enjoy it! Oh… And also stretch more…because I’m insanely inflexible and this body has got to last me! 😉


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