Where the Dudes At?!


I love Joanna Gaines as much as any other lady! The chick is seriously talented and pulls together spaces effortlessly, but her feminine style always has me wondering…”Where the dudes at?!?” I can’t lie. I have masculine tedencies… Like the time I told the hubby I wanted to start dressing more feminely and immediately put on this outfit…

Yep, I took a picture of myself when I caught a glimpse of my “feminine” outfit in a public bathroom mirror… I failed… This shirt might as well have been Shane’s. My manly tendencies aside…seriously… What man lives in this?

So, I know it’s altogether not my style but seriously… Girls… We’re letting our years of pretend princess play get the best of us! It’s time to play ball with the boys. I sure as hell want equal pay in the workplace… Maybe it’s time for equal say at home, too!!

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any manlier…. Look closely at this next one!

Yep, there’s a punching bag in the living room and I’m not even a little mad about it!

Guys, you may always loose the ugly recliner battle, (Do not give in to the ugly recliner requests!!!) but you aren’t altogether forgotten about! Guys totally deserve a say at home, too!

It’s time to leave the princess days behind and move on to bigger and better things!


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