Wall lights are for more than bathrooms! 

If you grew up in a house like my childhood home, the only wall light was the one in the bathroom with 6 giant, round, white lightbulbs that provided the worst kind of lighting and made my awkward teen years look even more awkward everytime I straightened my hair with a giant curling iron. Flat iron? What’s that? In 2016 we have two things to be thankful for.

1. Flat irons.

2. Wall lighting is now the bees nees!!

There are so many applications and I want them all! Goodbye table lamps, floor lamps,and overhead lighting. Hello wall lights! Give me them all!

Deciding what to put on the wall behind the couch has always been tough for me… Until now!!! Without a doubt this is what I would want!

Above a console table? Yep, I’ll take that too!


And when you have beautifully styled built ins…add wall lighting to them too!

Via mydomaine.com

I’m not sure you can even call a bedroom complete without bedside wall lamps.



This is my new favorite application. A wall lamp reaching out over a dining table?!?! Mind blown!



Yes, I’m feeling extra passionate about wall lighting lately! How can you not?!? 😍


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