2015 Picture Review! 

We started the year as very new and VERY tired parents!


Shane I spent our time at home with a new baby dabbling in leather making for the first time!


Shane had to take off to Australia for work, and it was just Jolie and I for 6 weeks, which was both terrifying and liberating as a brand new mom!


After 6 weeks alone, I mustered up all of my courage and took our 4 month old on 3 planes for a total of 25 hours of traveling to join Shane in Australia. Turns out, it wasn’t bad at all!


For 6 weeks we lived the city life in a high rise apartment in Brisbane.

Brisbane will always have a special place in our heart!

And we spent our weekends on the coast and site seeing with some of our best friends!

After 6 weeks our family flew back to Indiana together, and got right to work on a little front porch redo.

Leather making seemed to stick for me and I set up shop with a used industrial sewing machine, and started working on some of my very first Stone Lane purses!

We also replaced all the floors in our house

Then, we tackled a bathroom renovation, too!


Our house made it into the new YoungHouseLove book!!

We had a wonderful visit from two of our besties from Australia!

Shane landed a furniture making apprenticeship in Tampa. So, we packed up and temporarily moved the family to Tampa.



We. celebrated Thanksgiving on the beach with turkey sandwiches!


We started a small renovation on our home on wheels!


Our baby grew way too fast and we celebrated her first birthday on December 4th!

We had a blast with Jolie’s 2nd Christmas!

Last but not least…All three of us celebrated the New Year with bubbles!

Cheers to a fantastic 2015 and a hopeful 2016!


The Pribbles



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