Camper Sneak Peek!

The camper is coming along! We’ve actually accomplished quite a bit, all things considered. I’ve gotten a majority of the walls painted in the main living area and we replaced the flooring in that area too! We’ve also added a shiplap back splash, and a few other small shiplap details. Yay! Progress is seriously slow going with a one year old. Also, we absolutely have to be able to clean up all the construction gear in the evenings. Tripping over a bunch of tools and paint just isn’t an option in such a small place. We’d all go completely mad. I hope to tape a little tour video soon, but in the mean time, here are some progress shots!




IMG_5964 IMG_5970 IMG_5973

IMG_5985 IMG_5992

The flooring still needs a transition piece where the slide portion meets the regular part of the camper, and I still have touch-up painting to do all along the bottom of the walls where the new flooring went in. We are getting there, though! I’ve even snuck in some garland for holiday cheer! We nixed the dog cage, added a console table that hosts a basket of toys and extra pillows, and a new chair! The console table doubles as a desk and eating area. We just pull the extra chair off the wall and it’s a table for two! It’s working out really well for us! Well there’s a few sneak peeks. We still have a ways to go. I STILL haven’t touched the kitchen. I’m thinking I’ll just wait until after the holidays. Hopefully by then I will feel refreshed and ready to tackle more painting. I still have such a long way to go, but you have to stop and celebrate all your victories!


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