Camper Kitchen Inspiration

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I’ve been avoiding dealing with this camper kitchen for SOOOOO many reasons!!!


  1. Painting while fighting off a tiny human destruction monster, is seriously hard. I’ve been painting the camper for a few weeks now, and I get like one 4×8 wall done a day or less. It’s a seriously uphill battle not for the faint of heart, and I’m over it.
  2. Painting cabinets is a way bigger ball game. It’s sanding. It’s priming. It’s removing doors. It’s a huge mess. I’m stressed just thinking about it!
  3. I feel stuck. I can paint the cabinets, but unfortunately, I’m stuck with everything else for a bit. I’m stuck with the ugly countertop. I’m stuck with the sink. I’m just stuck. I can make improvements, but until Shane and I completely overhaul the camper it’s not going to be my best work, because best requires new everything! That’s just not going to happen right now.
  4. I have no idea what color I want to do. If you watched my video tour than you saw that there are these ugly orange maple cabinets EVERYWHERE! I’ve decided to tackle the kitchen area, but I’m just not painting all the rest of them. It’s WAAAAY too much work when we know that down the line we might eventually nix these cabinets anyway. So I have to come up with something that will work with the rest of the cabinets elsewhere. It’s hard polishing turds…and sort of depressing, too. I know the outcome just isn’t going to be the angel choirs I’m hoping for!

Ok ok ok, enough with the Debbie Downer!! On the bright side. Painting the cabinets is going to be an improvement. We may not achieve the angel choir, but I’m thinking there will be hallelujahs from a lovely and very talented children’s choir, and I’ll take that!

So where the heck do I even start?!! Gathering inspiration is always my starting point. There’s nothing better than looking at lovely spaces that you wish were yours when you are feeling overwhelmed. It helps you breathe a sigh of relief.

Inspo #1

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.25.49 AM

Via @thimbleandcloth Instagram 

My first inspiration comes from someone I stalk on Instagram, because Instagram stalking is my one true love. She used to have a blog, but she doesn’t really update it anymore. I’m still heartbroken, because if styles could have relatives her style and my style would be sisters (maybe even twins.) I’m in love with her kitchen. It’s a major inspiration for me for two reasons….


#2  Her island is actually a table, that is a similar color to our maple cabinets in the rest of this camper. It’s totally working for her. I also don’t think my ugly countertop would be quite as ugly with this color of cabinets. I think it would kind of work.

The cabinet color goes perfectly with everything. My only problem is that she’s sans upper cabinets, and I am not. I have to have to have the uppers…So what do I do? I’m a little worried that the dark muted navy would be too much top and bottom, but I’m also kinda over the dark on bottom white on top look. I’m just not digging it. So do I risk “too dark” and just hope the white everywhere else balances it…or not?!?! #majorfirstworldproblems

Inspo #2

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.02.34 PM

Via Remodelista

Ok, so another option is a muted grayish green. This isn’t a totally my style kind of look, but it’s a bit more traditional, and the camper is all about some tradition. So I think it could possibly work. Plus, It would work with our ugly countertops. (If you can call not clashing with the ugly countertop “working.”) I’m thinking I would go a few shades lighter than this color, though. I don’t know…it’s an option.

Inspo #3

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.36.41 PM

Via Remodelista

This inspiration is somewhere in the middle. It’s a little less traditional than the last, but softer and lighter than the first inspiration. I’m just not entirely certain it feels like me. I suppose when styled a bit different it might be, but I don’t know. Can you sense how not excited I am about all of my options? It all just feels like such a compromise, and really it is. Painting is really my only option for improvement (unless one of you has some genius idea that I’m overlooking.) So I’m going to forge ahead, less than excited but hopeful for improvement.


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