We renovated the bathroom!!!! Say What?!?

It’s time for me to stop holding out on you. We’ve completed another major renovation! I honestly still can’t believe it… We renovated the bathroom!!!!

So this is what it was before…


There was nothing terribly wrong with it, I guess. The sinks were cheap, the floor felt dirty, and storage was terrible. All of our toiletries were in baskets on the shelves on the wall. It was less than ideal. The shower was also due for a major overhaul.

I have to say I went COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone with the bathroom. It’s not white. AT ALL!! Here it is…


Whoa, Right?!?!


Sometimes my style evolves and I never even saw it coming. I think I’m currently in a style evolution, and I didn’t even realize it until this bathroom came out of me. I’m heading to the masculine side of design. I have to say I’m not hating it, and I’m excited to watch it evolve. More on that later. Anyway…back to the bathroom…

We started by laying new floors.


Price is always a factor in this house. We’ve reached just about the top of our equity. These 12×24 tiles from Lowe’s are a seriously great bang for your buck. They are super cheap, but super nice looking. I’m still totally in love with them!

Next up was an insane amount of plumbing.

 Things got worse before it got better!

For the purpose of saving money we kept our existing tub and just tiled the surround.

Lucky for me Shane is an insanely good tiler!

The vanity is an IKEA purchase I made about a year ago for no other reason than it was an MAJOR sale and I knew we would use is eventually, if not in this house, I knew we’d use it in our next house.

Shane made a seriously gorgeous walnut top for it.

Here’s the final product!!


I’m oh so happy with it!


4 thoughts on “We renovated the bathroom!!!! Say What?!?

  1. I love it! Your guy did an amazing job with the tile, send him over to give my guy a few tips for the future. Looks a lot like what I’m picturing for our bathroom. White subway tiles for the shower, floating vanity, big grey subway tiles for the floor. I don’t see myself going so bold with the wall color all though it does look great in here. Will be pining this for future reference! Enjoy your new bathroom!

  2. Ok so I noticed you shared where you poo https://lifestyleanddesignonline.com/2014/03/19/the-place-we-poo/ (too funny by the way) So now I’m curious what did you do in the small nook where you had the IKEA tall expedit cabinet? Did you add prettier custom storage, like shelves or a plant, another pooing station, ha… A post for another day maybe 😉 If you did add some shelves I would totally love to see them all styled the heck out you know Emily Henderson style.

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