Living Room Updates

So there have been some livingroom changes. Who’s surprised? Yeah, me either! Let’s have a quick refresher.


Well for starters…I totally killed the plant. BOOO!!! I love love love plants and I promise you someday I will turn my thumb green, and care for plants like they deserve! It’s probably for the best anyway. I’m fairly certain my 10 month old’s favorite activity would be digging in dirt if that plant was still around.


Here is our new situation.


Kids have a way of making you throw a bit of the beauty of your home out the window and trade it for practicality, which honestly I LOVE! Our home is feeling a bit more approachable and lived in. The plant died a sad death, and the basket is now a happy place for toys!

I’ve been pretty adamant about “kids stuff” not taking over our house, but the girl has to be able to play! So she does have a basket of toys in the living room, and her little walker. I’m totally cool with it. No doubt, I can be OCD about the perfection of my home, but the presence of our sweet baby has made our home all the more perfect. I’m gladly sharing my space with her. (Within reason, of course.)

And maybe you noticed the new chair! I’m in love!

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.53.09 PM

I had pinned it more than a year ago, thinking it was an insanely expensive chair that I would only ever get to daydream about. I started searching the internet for a new chair, because the chair that we previously had there just wasn’t very comfortable for guests to sit in for more than a few minutes. I wanted something people would actually enjoy sitting in. Well, I found this chair on Overstock for only $179. I was THRILLED! I was kind of tempted to buy another one. I don’t really have anywhere for it to go right now, but one day in a bigger house I’d love two of them side-by-side. Guess what, though…It’s out of stock now. I knew I should have just bought two from the beginning!


Another major new thing we have in the living room is a new area rug. I seriously can’t say enough great things about this rug! First of all, it is was unbelievably affordable. I only paid $265 for an 8’x10′ which is really unheard of. I’ve looked on Amazon recently, and now the cheapest you can find it is almost $400. I honestly still think it’s worth it. I loved our old rug, but I hated the thick shag being so close to the front door. I felt like no matter how much I vacuumed, it was still full of dirt. This rug is a totally different story. It’s a shorter pile, but it’s still really thick and soft. I feel so much better about Jolie crawling on it. We moved the old rug (which I still totally love) to our bedroom, where it gets less traffic. It’s perfect in there.

We also switched out our old wall hanging behind the couch. Remember our nautical flag?


I just wanted something a little more neutral. So I opted to make this wall hanging. I really love the look of it.


I’ve also gotten a few new pillows. Left to right: $30 TjMaxx pillow, handmade out of a curtain, West Elm on major sale, $15 TjMaxx find, Ikea pillow. I’m really happy with my little pillow collection. Especially since they were so cheap! Yay me!

Everything else in the living room is basically the same…


We still have this little entry area for taking our shoes off and hanging up our coats. Jolie has the right idea.



We do have a new coffee table book! Did any of you catch our house in it? More on that later.


That’s pretty much it for the living room updates! We are really loving this space.



8 thoughts on “Living Room Updates

  1. I love the new chair! Everything about it looks great, the color, the material, the modern lines, the metal legs, it looks comfy and it really adds another layer of warmth and texture to the space. The whole space looks great!

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