New Floors!

So, if you follow me on Instagram or any social media you are probably a bit more up to speed with a few kind of major changes, along with small changes, we’ve made in our house. If you only read the blog, I’ve been keeping some major secrets from you.

First up….We got new flooring in our whole house!!! How exciting is that? Here’s a little refresher on what they looked like…

They were the original hardwoods, but they were honestly more of subfloor quality. They had a ton of stains and inconsistencies. even with a dark stain they just didn’t look clean and smooth. There were also a lot of problems like this…

All problems that a really really really good refinish and repair job would fix, but with three dogs…These floors were getting so so so scratched up. I hated the idea of putting all the work into refinishing them only to have the dogs scratch them all up again. Here you can see where we took out the old walls to the closet and some scratched from the dogs.


I’ve seriously been dreaming of new floors in this house since day one! The house just never felt clean with the old floors, and having a crawling baby finally pushed me over the edge, and I started begging for new floors! One day, completely out of the blue, Shane said, “Let’s go buy new floors!” I basically ran to the door!


I’m obsessed with the new floors. It was a horrible project. Truth be told, I hate DIYing. It’s miserable. Especially, a project like laying new floors. It’s a long and tedious job. It’s a really good thing that my motivation for DIY’s makes me totally forget the horrors of it. I’ll admit, Shane did most of the work while I chased around Jolie making sure she wasn’t playing with hazardous tools. Thank goodness it’s all in the past and we’ve been enjoying these new floors for several months. We went with these laminate floors from Lowe’s and I’m really really happy with them. Disclaimer….Laminate isn’t a choice everyone should make, in my humble opinion. If this was our forever home I wouldn’t have chosen laminate. We chose it for resale purposes. Our house and neighborhood just simply doesn’t hold the value that it needs to make a more quality product, such as real wood, worth it. We know we will be selling in the next few years, so we have to make decisions heavily influenced by wise financial investments. Laminate is perfect for this house in this neighborhood. If you are in a similar position, I’d whole heartily recommend this laminate. Three dogs and several months later, and there isn’t a single scratch! Yipee!! I have also dropped some pretty ridiculously heavy items on the floors. I did make one tiny knick in them, but a little stain pen fixed it right up, and I’m honestly not sure if I could even find the spot now to point it out to you. The floors we chose have a hand scraped look, which I’d highly recommend. I think it really helps make the floors look more like natural wood. There’s nothing worse that a totally glass smooth laminate.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the new floors. They’re perfect! Now if it was a forever home, I think I’d possibly go with the wood look tile. I love the look of hardwoods, but I just don’t think it’s practical for my dog loving family. Tile is incredibly durable, and if you break a tile you can easily chip it out and replace it. Although, I’d really do my flooring research if I were doing a forever floor. I’m sure there are some really great products out there.


I’m also so happy with the color of the floors. They are a medium brown with quite a bit of grain variance, but when you’re looking at the floor as a whole they mostly just look like dark flooring. The variance in wood grain helps hide dust and dirt, though.

Β We put these floors in every room of the house except the bathroom. (Laminate flooring is pretty seceptible to water damage.) I love having the same flooring throughout!

This was the kitchen before…


It’s so nice to have that orange tone out of there!

So there it is, one of the major changes around here that I’ve been keeping from you! Stay tuned for more!


2 thoughts on “New Floors!

  1. I think the old floors looked charming but I totally got that same “Oh no the baby is crawling” itch a few years back and redid the floors with new laminate wood. It was worse for us because it was a rental and we paid for it, but we din’t care because the baby was crawling, it had to be done, lol. If only our children would now the crazy things we did for them. The new floor looks beautiful though, good pick!

    • Yeah we rode the “These floors have character!” Fence for a long time. Eventually I just needed a cleaner feeling and I really do not regret it at all!! I understand the rental thing though! I might have done the same thing!! It’s a weird transition when your baby starts crawling! I went from a clean freak to an extreme clean freak!!

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