A New Season

It feels like years since I’ve blogged! What can I say? I’ve been busy, and let me be honest…I use you. I so appreciate anyone and everyone who ever reads my little blog. You fulfill such a deep need for me! Lately, I just haven’t needed you as much. Ooops, sorry. I guess baby snuggles have filled a lot of personal cracks and crevices in my heart. But… like all babies do, my little rambunctious baby is growing up! She’s 10 months old and needing me less and less, which is nice. I’m honestly not complaining. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching her grow, learn, and find independence, and interests, and I love that it is starting to free up a bit of my time and mostly my head space to get back to things I love. So here I am! Although, I make zero promises that it will stick.

So…What’s going on with us lately? SO SO SO much, actually. Maybe you’ve heard…We’re heading south for the winter. We are temporarily picking up our Indiana roots and heading to Tampa, Florida for 3 months. We leave next week! AHHHH! We aren’t exactly late 20 something retirees, although sometimes it feels like it. No, instead we are late 20 something dreamers! (Sounds more fitting, huh?) It’s really hard to make this long story short, but I’m going to try. Shane (the hubby) currently has a bad a** business. It’s given us the chance to live in 3 different countries and visit 4 more. When we aren’t oversees we are often traveling the States for his job/business. He makes great money and to top it off, he often gets 4 or more months off every year. Sounds like the jackpot of all jobs for young people like us right? It is kind of, except for we won’t always be young. Traveling all year long looses a bit more of its luster every year, especially now that we have Jolie. Also, it’s a job. A great one, but it’s not something Shane is completely passionate about.

So what’s the dream? Custom furniture. Remember the time he made this?


He really is incredibly talented, but we aren’t under the impression that starting a successful custom furniture business that will completely support our family will be easy. Sure, we are crazy dreamers, but we also feed ourselves heavy doses of reality on the regular. We are major believers in success=sacrifice and more importantly good old fashion guts. No guts no glory, right? Β So we made a gutsy move at the risk of looking like complete weirdo stalkers. Who cares, right? Long story short….Shane and I have been following a guy on Instagram for the last few years who has a successful custom furniture business. He’s living out Shane’s dream. So why not randomly e-mail him and ask if you can be his intern? Shane has the next several months off work anyway. We are used to traveling for extended periods of time, and we have a home on wheels.

So, next week off we will go to Tampa, Florida for 3 months. Yep, that’s right he said yes to the internship! We are certain he is probably still pretty leery about the whole arrangement, but no worries, Shane has got plans to play it super cool at first until he has time to get an accurate read on us. Although, crazy stalker types might not be too far off. We’re fans of cool people doing cool stuff, how can you blame us?

I’m so excited for Shane. I really feel like this is going to give him so much insight into how to make this dream more of a reality. I can’t lie, though. The idea of hanging back everyday in a camper full of 3 dogs and a baby has me freaking out. The bad sort of uncontrollably picking fights for zero reason at all kind of freaking out. AHHH!! Don’t get me wrong, our camper is super comfortable. We’ve lived in a hotel suite for 3 months, and I’d choose the camper 1000 times over. It feels like home, we have our own bed, our own pillows, our own couch. None of that is what bothers me. I’m a busy body. I’m not really a tv watcher, (except for the few shows Shane and I watch together in the evening) I can’t sit still long enough to read a good book, actually I typically never sit down at all. So what the heck am I going to do in a camper all day long in-between baby playing and feeding? Being idle is NEVER good for me!

Well, I’ve come up with a plan that Shane is mildly supportive of. (Mostly, I’ve given him no choice!) I’m going to renovate the camper!

The camper currently:

20140509-153040.jpg 20140509-153026.jpg 20140509-153007.jpg 20140509-152947.jpg 20140509-152936.jpg 20140509-152923.jpg 20140509-152914.jpg 20140509-152905.jpg 20140509-152854.jpg

It’s definitely a far cry from everything I’ve every dreamed of in a space. Some one please explain to my why they have to make campers so freaking awful? So don’t get too excited. Shane and I eventually have plans to rip this camper completely apart. It’s our “forever camper” so someday it’s going to get the love and attention a “forever camper” deserves, but for now I’m mostly just bored and itching to make this thing feel a bit more like home. I’m really not under the impression that I’m going to be able to completely overhaul the thing while we are living in it with our THREE dogs (that’s waaay too many dogs for a camper) and a baby, but my hope is that a little paint and love will really help this thing out. We will see, but at very least it will provide me with much needed movement.

Eventually, we will do this kind of renovation…

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.30.45 PM

For now I’m just hoping to achieve something that feels a bit more homey. I’m on the fence about painting the cabinets right now. It’s a big project and there’s a TON of cabinets. Shane’s not on the fence. He’s definitely off the fence and firmly planted on the “no way are we taking on painting the cabinets right now” side, but I have my way of wearing him down so we will see how this all unfolds. I may live with them for now and try to make things feel more like us in other ways. We shall see! Either way, I’m pretty excited to get things going and share it with you!


4 thoughts on “A New Season

  1. I live in Tampa, in a super cute area called Seminole Heights, and there’s tons of fun stuff to do here. Lots of great restaurants too. And if you get bored you can venture over the bridge and check out St Pete!

    • Wow! So cool! I think I follow you on Instagram since you added me! You have such an adorable family! Are you familiar with Built? They are the furniture makers that my husband is going to be interning with. I’m excited to explore Tampa! We will be sure to check out Seminole Heights!

      • Aw πŸ™‚ thank you! Yes, Built actually used to be based out of Seminole Heights, their workshop was at the end of my street actually! I wondered if that was the company you were talking about. They make some really awesome stuff. If you’ll be here on November 15th you should check out Indie Flea at The Rialto. My husband and a friend have started a monthly market/flea event starting in November. The Rialto is literally to die for, such an amazing space.

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