Update Ramblings…

This is totally meant to be a blog about design and the projects in our house, but that’s all taken a back seat. I’m currently blogging from beautiful Australia!


Incase you’ve missed it, my husband travels for his job and I’m lucky enough to get to tag along! I’ve always tagged along, but this is our first trip with an extra little tag-a-long!

Jolie in Australia

Yep, that’s right…our little jet setter endured 25 hours of total travel time halfway around the world. So how did she do? Surprisingly well! Shane and I have worked really hard to still do all the things we would normally do, even with a little one in-tow. While considering a 2 hour, a 5 hour, and then a 14 hour flight, plus two layovers with a 17 week old baby was intimidating to say the least, I’m so glad I didn’t let it stop me! Jolie did really well on the flights. Take off and landing made her fuss a little but not much. The rest all went pretty well. Our long flight was with Virgin Australia, and I have to hand it to them….They were SO accommodating and considerate. Now that we’ve “been there, done that” future flights will be way less intimidating. Although every new milestone Jolie conquers will bring new in-flight challenges (I.E. the current scream/cry for attention) I now feel confident that we can endure anything for 25 hours. Other passengers are surprisingly so considerate, too. I think they know that any crying that they have to endure is far less stressful than what you, as a parent, are enduring. The flight was all around a success and now Jolie is enjoying life “down under.” I was so worried about the 15 hour time difference, and what that would do to an already touchy sleeper, but she has handled it like a true champ. She never missed a beat. She slept our first night here even though we went to bed at 8:30am our time. The first few days she was a bit fussier than normal, but within 3 days she was back to her normal self. I was so surprised and so relieved.


Most importantly, after 6 weeks apart, our family is back together!


While Shane is working during the day, Jolie and I are enjoying the city life. We are living in an apartment in Brisbane. Suddenly, all my city-living dreams have come true.


That’s the view from our apartment. I LOVE city life and wish I could convince Shane that his love for wide open spaces is overrated. Sadly, it’s a battle I’ll always loose.

Jolie and I are enjoying our days sipping coffee by the river, (I have the coffee, Jolie has the breast milk.) walking to the grocery, exploring the city, checking out Australian shopping, and watching the big kids at the public pool!



I’m cooking dinner often, but occasionally Daddy takes us out to dinner with beautiful city and river views.


We’ve also spent time reconnecting and hanging out with our Australian friends. We met them in 2013 when we were in Germany and spent a lot of time with them there.

Brooke and Laurie

They’ve so graciously opened up their home for great weekends on the coast, complete with sightseeing and amazing home cooked meals! We are in some serious debt to their hospitality!

Byron Bay

I feel extremely fortunate to get to spend 6 weeks living in Australia, but it’s already half over, and it just isn’t enough time! So far it’s been such a nice experience. It’s nice to get used to being a new mommy in a totally different environment then what I’ve previously experienced. Before coming here, my winter baby and I hardly left the house. Now, there isn’t a day where we aren’t on the go. It’s great to feel like I’m conquering blindly feeling my way through different experiences as a new mom. It’s giving me new confidence that I’ll be able to take home with me.

Although I don’t really want to go home, I’m glad that our mid May return means that we will be returning to spring in full force. Spring always feels like a fresh new start and Shane and I have a few “fresh new starts” planned for our own life. So be patient and stay tuned. Eventually this blog will get back to it’s original purpose, and you’ll have to hear me ramble about what’s going on in our lives a lot less!


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