We Got the Nursery Done!!!!

So, I know I’ve been majorly MIA. I have a good excuse, though! Excuse number 1…My husband came home! We hadn’t seen each other in over a month, because his job took him to New York for several months. I’ve been enjoying time with him. Excuse number 2…I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant. If I’m not eating I’m thinking about labor and prepping for baby’s arrival! Excuse number 3…We’ve been working our buns off getting the nursery done. Literally, it’s all we did for about a week and a half straight! It has paid off and my dreams have come true! Our nursery is done BEFORE the arrival of our little girl! These are good excuses for my lack of blogging, are they not? It may get a bit hit and miss for a while now….I’m going to be busy getting used to being a new mommy! I’m here today, though. I’m ready to show you our nursery! Yay!!!

So let’s back track. This room used to be our spare bedroom. AKA “The room that mostly collected leftover stuff.”


It had looked like this at one point.


Then, I got it all cleaned out and painted a huge painting to go into the nursery.


It ended up like this, and I decided I hated it and painted over it. I’m blaming the red on crazy preggo hormones. I hate red typically!

I put together these ideas…

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.30.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.30.29 PM


And we ended up with this!





We went with a super cheap IKEA crib, because why spend money on such a short lived item? The name banner my sister made for our baby shower. We thought it was adorable so now it’s above her crib! We still have a mobile in the works. We will see if that gets done before she arrives. (I’m hoping not because I have hope she will arrive…like NOW.)

The quilt my sister made for her,Β as well. It’s really awesome and beautiful!


We still have to make this chair into a rocking chair…We will get around to it in the next week I think.


Above the chair is this shelf. I wanted her to have a few family pictures in her bedroom. One is of Shane and I. One is of my grandparents, and one is baby Jolie’s adorable cousin! I still have one picture frame to fill. Also on the shelf is the wooden block toy my dad made fore her. I wanted it to be seen until she’s ready to play with it, because it’s seriously beautiful.


Across the room is her changing table. We simply got an IKEA Malm dresser and put and changing pad on top. Behind it is my painting! I like it in these colors so much better. Shane made a nice wood frame for it which really sets it off.


I felt like there was a bit of an empty spot on the wall. So, I picked this rhino up at TJ Maxx. It has ended up being one of my favorite things in the room. This shot also gives you a nice close up of the planks we covered the room in. We love the way they turned out. They make the room feel so clean and fresh, and they saved up from a ton of drywall work that needed to be done to patch the walls. They were in really terrible shape.


She already has her own Christmas tree! Is it a little early? Maybe….but something about becoming a new parent is making me feel all excited about Christmas!


We are calling this the reading corner! The reality is that since this is our only other bedroom we still needed a bed for my family when they come to see her, because they all live out of town. It will also be a nice place to sit and read together down the road, though. We have three book shelfs hanging at the head of the bed.



Well, there you have it!! Baby Jolie’s nursery! Now we just wait for her to get here!





12 thoughts on “We Got the Nursery Done!!!!

  1. Hi! Congrats on your recent addition to your family…your baby is beautiful…God bless! Would you mind sharing details of the planking? What material did you use?

  2. I just shared your most recent post on my Facebook page – I followed a link to your blog from Remodelista and am exploring now. So fun! Where did you find the planks for the nursery walls?

  3. Beautiful!! I was scouring the interwebs in search of a Malm dresser turned changing table and now I want to just recreate this whole nursery! Thank you so much for the inspiration. PS. Do you ever sell any of your paintings? Thanks πŸ™‚

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