Helping Friends With Their Loft- The Reveal!

So, I told you about my friends that reached out for help with their living room/ kitchen area of their loft. They live in the top floor of an old commercial building that they recently renovated. The bones of the place are amazing! They just needed help with the decor. They have great taste, they just weren’t sure how to put everything together. That’s where I stepped in to help them out!


This was their living room before. It was a bit cluttered and lacked a since of style. I moved out the bean bags because they just didn’t really fit the style that they loved. I got rid of some of the clutter and combined things they already had and helped them shop for some new stuff.








In place of the bean bags I pulled a chair from their bedroom into the space. It helped give the living room less of a college dorm feel and more of a formal, grown up space. They side table is a great midcentury find they picked up on their own. Like I said, they have great taste! The foot stool was something I pointed out to them at HomeGoods. My friend loves bohemian influences. I really wanted a footstool their to help anchor the chair to the rug since the rug doesn’t quite reach. It looks a lot better if your run in your living room can touch or come close to most of your pieces of furniture. It helps bring the space together.


One thing they really needed help with was just making sure all their surfaces were “pretty” and clutter free. I really just helped her arrange all of their nick-nacs into nice little arrangements. It really brought a more polished look to the room.




This was their couch area before. Pretty bland which felt really strange given that the opposite side of the room was so full.




Couch Area After:


To help pull in the Bohemian vibe she loves, I suggested that they pick up this yellow and white rug from IKEA. The space just needed to be warmed up a bit. When it comes to couches, I prefer a layered look. There was nothing really wrong with the yellow pillows she had, but they lacked depth and interest. I shopped the rest of their house for pillow and came up with a different mix.

I did suggest she buy two new pillows which she ordered right away. I wanted her to add a couple of Turkish Kilim pillows. I knew she’d love them because of their Bohemian look. We hopped on Etsy and ordered these two.




I have to say I was incredibly nervous about the pillows… You never know when you are ordering on Etsy, and it’s really scary spending someone else’s money! I worried they wouldn’t quite work or that she wouldn’t like them. It was a totally success, though! They are AWESOME. The quality is fantastic and they work in the space so incredibly well! The best part…They were cheap! Only $14 a cover which is totally unheard of for pillows like this! They have such a great texture to them. I’m totally going to buy some of these for myself now, too!




The white coffee table was an IKEA purchase they had made for another space. I suggested we use it as the coffee table. I had them buy a fur to put on top that way it can easily and comfortably double as an ottoman to kick your feet up on. I just arranged some items they had on top of the coffee table to make it feel like a completed surface.


TV Area Before:


On the flip side of the room is the TV. They have the TV nicely mounted and they already had a great entertainment stand that they had picked up at TJ Maxx a while back. the real problem was the kitchen clutter was inching its way into the living room and the surfaces just were’t pretty. When you see a picture of a room you love in a magazine, pay close attention to the details. It’s probably where you are going wrong in your home. There’s no clutter in those magazine rooms, and all the surfaces are beautifully stylized!

TV Area After:


Surprisingly, we didn’t buy a single thing for around the TV. they already had a lot of cool stuff they just weren’t using it in the best ways possible. We moved out the kitchen clutter and added these knit poufs that were in their daughters room. They can serve as additional seating, but also they help to anchor the TV area to the rest of the room. The TV was feeling a bit like it was out in no man’s land setting the poufs in front of it inched it back into the direction of the couch. It’s hard to see in pictures the difference that it made, but it did make a big difference.




Next we made sure the surface of the TV stand looked awesome! My absolute faaaaaaavorite thing is the clay art they picked up from a local artist. It’s AMAZING! So much texture. They literally had this gem shoved behind a table in their son’s room before I started rearranging things. When I found it I felt like I hit the jackpot. It’s perfect. The Marshall speaker they had sitting on the floor next to their bed. It’s so awesome and cool looking, why not showcase it? It just makes sense in this spot along with the record player. I always like to add a little green to just about ever area so this little grass plant works perfectly.




Right next to their TV they have a stove that they use in the winter. It was feeling just a little out of place so I decided to stage it as a bar.


They will have to move this stuff while they are using it, but since it’s all on a tray it won’t be difficult.




When I first stated this project they had bikes shoved in this corner. It was making their living room feel a bit like a garage. The space isn’t exactly functional so we just made sure it was pretty.


They already had the big metal pot and we just picked up a fake grass plans to put in it. The candle sconces were hanging in very random places before, and I relocated them here.

Kitchen Area Before:



Next up was the kitchen area. With so few cabinets, the biggest issue was storage. We really had to get organized and creative to get the clutter off the counters.



We succeeded! The biggest help was that they added shelves above the stove. That helped tremendously, and I suggested that they pick up these cheap baskets from IKEA. She can now store some items that she doesn’t use regularly in them. I also suggested she get baskets for the shelves under the island. She was putting things there a lot and it was looking messy. The baskets keep it clean and contained.


I wanted to make sure the counters were reserved only for pretty kitchen items.




Another big help was that she picked up this little cart from Walmart of all places! It was a great purchase that really helps with food storage. I just helped her pick pretty things to go on top of it.


They had these antlers and this bag already and I suggested we hang it here. She now keeps her potatoes in it. It works perfectly and looks great.




Well, that’s it! A little project I’ve been taking on! I had a lot of fun with it and I think everyone ended up really happy with the results!








4 thoughts on “Helping Friends With Their Loft- The Reveal!

  1. Super cute! Friends are always asking me to help them with their spaces and I have no idea how to just say, “yes” and take the plunge. (I am only sure of design when it’s with my own cash.) You did such a great job. I feel inspired to help my friend who is moving into her own loft in January.

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