Nursery Planning When We Should be DOING!

Do you feel like I abandoned you this week? I totally have. I’ve been mega distracted with life and all it’s happenings. I’m so sorry…I’ll try to regain my focus…Although, pregnancy brain makes it tough!!


OH MY GOSH I AM 33 WEEKS PREGNANT! How the heck did that happen?!?! (You can spare me the bird and the bees convo, I know how it really happened.) This pregnancy is flying by! I only have 6 and a half weeks to go! I honestly can’t believe it. It’s probably time Shane and I get serious about putting this nursery together. There’s only one problem… Shane’s working 12 hours from home…. BOOO!! Since there’s a lot to be done, I can’t tackle it alone. We are hoping he will be home in a week and a half and we can start the project. That’s all a big MAYBE he will be home. In the meantime, I’ve decided to not sweat it. We’ve got the carseat, the diapers, the pi’s, the bassinet…all the things babies really need. If her nursery doesn’t get done before she joins our little family, that’s ok. (The preggo nester side of me is totally not ok with that, but I’m pretending she doesn’t exist…) What can you do? Life is easier when you just go with the flow…

That being said….I’m totally still prepping in the way of gathering things and planning. Shane and I recently added something new to the plan!

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 7.56.46 PM

I’m totally going to get my plank walls! We had lots and lots of drywall work head of us in the nursery. The walls are old plaster that’s badly cracked. We were going to replace much of it with drywall. We did this in our living room about a year ago, and let me tell you, it was a nightmare. Drywall dust and everyday life just shouldn’t mix. I’m obsessed with plank walls and we decided that it would probably be easier to do since we can attach it right to the plaster. YAY! I think it will be adorable. All the plywood will be cut and sanded at Shane’s shop. Therefore, keeping the dust out of the house. I’m more than excited about this. Now can you see why Shane’s help is essential?

So, I’ve had a basic idea in my brain what I wanted for the nursery, but this the first time I’ve really put it together. I have to say I’m loving it!


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.30.29 PM


So you may remember the painting I painted for the nursery.Β Β Well I totally painted over it. I know…CRAZY right?! I just wasn’t in love with it. Clearly white is my thing. I’m going to blame the original red decision on hormones. It just didn’t feel like me. So now my giant flower painting is white and has similarities to the flowers above. I can’t wait to catch Baby P looking it over for the first time!

The chair is a chair that we already had from IKEA. Shane is going to put rockers on it to make it a rocking chair. One of the many things on his long “to do” list.

The poufs you will remember from the end of our bed in our bedroom. They are going to live in the nursery.

We are opting to go for a cheap IKEA crib. Babies only spend a couple of years in the crib. There just didn’t seem to be a good reason to spring for something fancy. I like the clean and simple look of it anyway.

The dresser is IKEA as well. It’s going to double as a changing table. My sister and brother-in-law used the same thing for their new baby (AKA the cutest nephew known to man) and it seemed to work well.

Lastly, the rug…Oh the rug… I had originally planned to use a rug that we have stored away in the basement, but Shane kinda nixed that idea. He wanted his baby girl to crawl around on something soft and plush. The rug we had was a flat weave and really not soft at all. This may be the beginning of “Daddy’s little girl” spoiling…let’s hope not. Truth is, I didn’t love the idea of the flat weave rug for the nursery either, but I’m always trying to save a buck. Shane wouldn’t have it though, and I’m pretty glad.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.30.29 PM


Now for the extra goodies….

We bought some IKEA spice racks to use as bookshelves like pictured above. Also, and idea I’m stealing from my nephew’s nursery.

Shane and I have plans to make a brass mobile similar to what’s pictured above. She may be 6 before it’s hanging above her bed, but hey at least we made it! Let’s hope that’s not really the case, but as I write this I’m realizing how much we still have to do and how little time we have left to do it! EEEK!

There are two windows in the room that are going to get dip dyed curtains. I’m thinking ours will be a little bit of a softer more teal blue.

The “For Like Ever” poster is something I’ve had for 3ish years. How cute will it be in her nursery, though? I have a fancy gold frame I picked up at Goodwill 3 or more years ago that it fits perfectly into.

The three shelf cart is from IKEA. I’m thinking a lamp will go on it for beside the chair and some toys in the bottom shelves.

Of course there will be sheepskins….because I’m obsessed, and if a nursery isn’t the place for sort and furry I don’t know what is!!!

Lastly, this lamp will go in the nursery. We already had it and I like gold and brass as accents. I painted a lampshade for it. You may remember that from HERE.


Yep, I love it! I can’t wait to see it come to life! Hopefully that’s sooner, rather than later.


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