New Kitchen Rug

I’m in love with antique rugs. They are beautiful, and if you haven’t done much vintage rug eye candy research, I highly recommend you head over to Pinterest now so you can see what I’m talking about! The problem…the price tag. Stupid money…It’s always getting in the way of my dreams! I would love love love a vintage rug for our kitchen, but I just refuse to spend the money on one. Maybe some day I’ll spring for it, but with baby on the way, that some day won’t be now. Instead I opted for the cheap way out and got an Ikea rug for the kitchen.


It’s the Valby Ruta rug. It’s of course not vintage, but it comes with a much more friendly price tag. It’s $29.99 for this size. It’s almost 3×6. It comes in a variety of sizes. It photographs a bit small in the space. In really life it feels like it fits the space a lot better.







It’s maybe not the rug of my dreams, but I really like it, and my tootsies are especially thankful for it and will continue to be thankful through the cold winter months!


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