Bedroom Benches

I’ve always planned to put the Ikea poufs at the end of our bed in the nursery. I wanted an ottoman in front of the rocking chair for late night rocking, and the round, corner-free, aspect of these poufs made them a perfect fit.


The problem…I really liked the look of something at the end of our bed. I looked around, just not too seriously, and hadn’t really found anything that felt right to replace them. Our bedroom was lacking wood tones. The only thing I was really certain of was that I wanted wood.

When I bought this bench from HomeGoods for our front entry, I actually bought 3 of them. They were all a little different in size, and I really thought that I would need at least two of them in the entry space. I just wasn’t sure which two. I planned to take at least one or two of them back but plans changed.


The entry space only ended up needing the largest bench. On a whim, I decided to stick the other two at the end of the bed.


Success! I decided not to take them back and just use the other two here. All the other benches I had looked at were a lot more expensive than these two.


Tulip is making a guest appearance in this post! She looked so peaceful I couldn’t make her move, and she’s pretty anyway!

I really liked the idea of hanging on to all these benches. Since I do so much constant rearranging, I can see the whole set reuniting somewhere someday, where they would make a pretty cool impact. For now, I’m enjoying these in the bedroom. Since they are a bit taller than the poufs, I find myself sitting on them quite often for putting on shoes. They aren’t only pretty, they are pretty functional!


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