Bathroom Mirrors

I got my bathroom mirrors!




They are THESE mirrors from Urban Outfitters. Mirrors are so expensive I’ve realized! Or probably I’m just cheap, but these were the best I could find for my money. (I have since seen some really awesome mirrors of a similar style at HomeGoods. I would have liked them better because they were a little bigger, but oh well.) I do really like the way they are working in the space. It’s much better than what we had before. You might also notice the new hand towels! I’ve been obsessed with Turkish hand towels for a little over a year now, and when I found a pack of them at HomeGoods for $4, I couldn’t say no! I love love love the way they look. The stripes are an improvement from the plain white towels I had before.








I also filled my picture frames! I picked up a beautiful piece of paper at Paper Source. I went with a blue marbled paper. If you have never thought about Paper Source for framed art you should check it out. I got a large sheet of paper for $8. They have some beautiful paper there.


I opted to go ahead and file three of the four frames with the paper. Since each section of paper is different I felt like each part was frame worthy. I may eventually change some of them out for other art, (I didn’t feel like the bathroom was an appropriate place for family pictures. That’s just weird.) but for now I’m enjoying each one of these marbled prints framed.






There you have it. The finished (until the real overhaul) bathroom!


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