Closet Organization

When I knew we were going to be getting beautiful new closet doors soon, I started to consider the condition of the inside of my closets. They were a mess and totally embarrassing.  I’m slowly but surely working on making all of our closets and cabinets more beautiful and functional.






The clothes on the shelf were just a wadded up, jumbled up mess. Although, I cleaned the shelves off and refolded them often, they just always ended up back in this state. It was time to fix the situation. I decided baskets would do the trick. I just needed something to actually put my clothes down in. I’m loving how much better it looks and the fact that I can easily pull them out of the closets to find what I need.




I’m dying to get all matching hangers for our closets and ditch the mis-match plastic hangers. I just haven’t done it yet. In the meantime, these two closets are looking much much better. I’m tempted to color block or paint designs on the baskets to give them a more modern feel. I’d love getting into my closets even more if I did! Being that they are behind closed doors, it’s not a huge priority. I’m guessing that eventually I end up doing it, though! Leave it to me to make something only I will see pretty!


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