Creating an Entryway from Nothing

I love our house. I really do, but there are just a few things on my “Seriously Dislike About Our House” list. Probably at the top of that list is the fact that our house has no real entry. Our front door opens straight into our living room. I find that it feels awkward. There’s really not a lot we can do about that. I’ve jokingly suggested that we enclose our front porch to create a proper entry, (I’m not sure I was really joking all that much) but Shane reminded me that that would pretty much entail a full on addition. It’s probably not worth it. So our house will remain a bit awkward. If you ever come over be prepared to walk smack dab into our living space the second you come through the door. Aside from the awkwardness, there is a bit of a function problem. We do have a very large coat closet across the living room, but we’ve deemed it the dog closet. we’ve made it into their kennel, and we have all of their food, supplies, and toys stored there. That leaves us with problems in the winter. Shane and I have no where to put our coats. We have our winter coats stored in random closets, but we really needed somewhere to hang the coats we are wearing when we walk in the door. Last year we just stuck them on the closest door knob and called it a day. I wanted to be a bit more prepared this year.

We really only had one space for an “entryway.”


This shelf is right inside the front door. I love it because it houses some of our favorite travel souvenirs, but the shelf itself we’ve had for at least 6 years. It really didn’t mean all that much to me. So, to the basement the shelf will go. I have a little stockpile of things I’m hanging onto until we have a bigger house someday.

When it came to an entry, I knew I wanted some sort of bench, hooks for coats, and a shelf to hopefully squeeze some of our favorites from the previous shelf.

This is what I came up with…




The bench I picked up from HomeGoods. I really like the look of the wood. I also like the fact that we can pull it out and use it for additional seating for guests.



I really went back and forth with the shelf. I couldn’t find anything I was totally thrilled with. I really would like Shane to make something. In the meantime I decided to go pretty understated with the shelf and just picked up a cheap white floating shelf from Target for $25.




I was able to squeeze all my favorite things from the previous shelves onto the new one! Score! Our nesting dolls from Prague, a picture of Shane and I in South Africa, our dodo bird from Mauritius, a picture I created, a plant, and a vase I’m using as a candle holder all made the cut. I do really love this little assortment. It reminds me of all the adventures Shane and I have had over the last couple of years.



Sitting on the bench is a pile of books and paper bowl from South Africa that’s good for throwing your keys in.



I looked at a ton of different hooks. I totally fell in love with some from Anthropologie, but being that they were $28 a piece I used my better judgement and walked away. I found these horns at HomeGoods, as well. I think they are meant to be decor more than they are meant to be hooks, but I really loved the way they looked and thought they would work great! I do love the way they look, and since they stick out far from the wall there will be no problem hanging winter coats on them without the coats falling off the hooks all the time. I hate that!


So there it is, my little entryway. I’m thinking I may add a small rug under the bench eventually. I’ll want something to catch melting snow from our shoes this winter.




Here’s what it ended up costing:

HomeGood’s Bench $60

Target Floating Shelf $25

HomeGood’s Antlers $12 a piece

Total $109

All the rest of the decor I already had. I would say not too bad!



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