Bedroom Layering

Maybe it’s the arrival of fall, or maybe it’s prepping for a the arrival of a new baby, probably it’s both, but I’ve been wanting a bit more warmth and comfort in my life. Especially in our bedroom.


I adore the bright white, but I also was craving a bit of a layered, textured, warmer look. There was a super simple way of creating that. New curtains! The white curtains behind our bed I really bought for the nursery, but I wanted to try them out in our bedroom to see what I thought. I like them, I do, but with the white closet doors I felt like we needed to add a little more depth and layering. So, the nursery is taking it’s curtains back! Our bedroom got these new guys…





They are the same curtains we have in the living room, except they haven’t been dip dyed, and they are a bit darker and more beige than the living room curtains. They come in two colors at Target, and now we have both colors! I honestly love these curtains for $16.99 a panel. They are sheer so you still get a lot of light, but they have such a great texture to to them. I also threw the faux fur blanket I picked up at Target last year on the bed and added a tray, plant, and candle I already had to the poufs. It’s just all around feels warmer and cozier in our bedroom now, and I’m really enjoying it!

I thought it might be nice to see a “whole room” shot. Don’t mind the fact that it’s a poor quality iPhone pano pic.


We definitely need to get some frames built for our paintings to help balance out that wall a bit, but I’m feeling like our room is really coming together! The curtains really made such a difference for about $70. Not bad!





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