I Finally Love our Bathroom!

Last I left you, we had a bare white bathroom. It’s not bare anymore! My favorite part is that its so organized! I even have little storage containers to spare that are empty!




Above is the view from the door. I’m obviously still missing a mirror. I had originally intended on just putting back up what we had, but once it was down I just couldn’t do it. The space feels so much more open without it. I have something ordered for this spot, but it’s a surprise! I’ll show you once it comes in! I got a new rug from IKEA. It’s the same one we have by the front door. A round rug really just works better in this space, and this rug is only $10. You can’t beat that!


The shelves above the toilet is where we keep our daily toiletries. One of the baskets on the top shelf houses my hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, brushes, and a few hair products. The other basket on the top shelf is Shane’s. He’s got just about everything he needs in there.




I obviously still need to fill all my picture frames! The basket on the bottom shelf has all my makeup in it. It is all nice and tidy in clear storage containers inside of the basket. The jar in the wooden tray has tiny hair rubber bands, and I also plan to fill it with bobby pins. One of the hanging containers just above the toilet has random things I don’t use on a daily basis. The other one has dental floss picks in it. The basket on the toilet has face wash and face wipes inside. The shelf hanging under the top shelfs has various moisturizers, perfume, and hair oil on it. All things I use on a daily basis. The other hanging container is empty! I’m sure I’ll eventually find something to fill it up.







I filled the shelves in the cubby beside the shower with things I use less frequently.


Again, I still need to fill the picture frames. I’ll let you know when that happens. I have a few ideas.








This bamboo box is one of the only containers filled over on this side. It’s housing essential oils. I use them pretty regularly. They had been in one of our kitchen cabinets. I like them here in the bathroom much better. They felt like they were getting lost on the big shelves of the kitchen cabinets.



I have hair product on the top bamboo box, but the box itself is empty. Q-tips in the top jar, three different kinds of perfume in the bigger jar, and the basket is empty.


The view of the sinks will look a whole lot better once I have a mirror! I’m pretty excited about what I have coming. I’m not very good at being patient!





Our door is now black and my favorite towels EVER are hanging on them. I got the towels at West Elm for 50% off. They were shoved under the clearance shelf in a basket. I bought all that they had, 4 of them, and when I took them up to the register the man that rang them up for me said, “I can’t believe you are buying these. I was going to but them when I got off work today.” I felt bad…Kinda. I was mostly so happy I snaked them before he did! They are HUGE and really beautiful!

Well that’s it. They new bathroom tour. I’ll update you on the mirror as soon as It comes in. I’ll also let you know what I end up putting in the photo frames. So much better isn’t it? Now I’m going to actually enjoy being in the bathroom!


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