One Step Closer to an All White House

Ok. So it’s no secret that I hated… H.A.T.E.D. our bathroom. It just never felt like us. Not to mention, we had some major storage issues. It’s been on the agenda to renovate the bathroom for some time now. In reality, we just aren’t likely to get it done anytime soon. Shane’s busy season with work will come to an end, and we will immediately welcome our little girl into the world. Follow that up with the holidays, and It looks like the bathroom renovation isn’t likely to fit in anytime soon. Bummer. Have no fear, though! I’m nesting! It’s amazing what a highly motivated 7+ month preggo lady can accomplish all on her own and in two days to boot! I will be sleeping easy tonight, because I have a bathroom I love! (And because I’m totally exhausted! An extra 17lbs will really wear you out!)

So let’s recap what our bathroom looked like before.


I’ve been informed that it’s not horrible, and I guess I can’t argue. I have seen worse. It just wasn’t really working for us. It was dark and felt sort of thrown together.


All our toiletries were thrown in these baskets. It worked but I was craving a bit more organization and a lot more pretty!


The towel racks on our door were just sort of gross feeling. The door had yet to be painted black to match the rest of the doors in our house, and there was an extra towel rack we had never really used.

(This is a total side note intended for mostly one of our friends, but we used to rent our house to friends of ours. They left their shower curtain when they moved out, and now we still totally use it! Haha wondered if you ever noticed that!)

Aside from everything I already mentioned, our walls and trim all needed a bit of work. There were old nail holes that needed filled, chipping paint in areas, and it was just in need of some good old TLC. So, I got right too it. I took down all the ugly towel racks and the old toilet paper holder, filled holes, and sanded the walls. Once, everything was in better shape, it all got a coat of bright (you guessed it) WHITE! We are one step closer to a completely white house. Just the nursery left to go!


I then hung some shelves to help with our storage issues. Everything I bought will still be used when we do the full bathroom renovation, and the paint and the two shelves above the toilet we already had. They came out of our kitchen before we renovated. We hadn’t found a new purpose for them yet.



I had yet to paint the door black in this picture. I had only prepped it with lots of sanding.



I did buy these shelves from IKEA, but like I said, we will still use them when we do our full renovation. (Whenever that is.) I wanted to be sure I wasn’t waisting any money. Time, YES! I wasted a lot of that since everything will come down and be redone at some point, but money…no. A waste of time or not, this is going to totally save my sanity. I love our bathroom now!



This shelf above the sinks got hung back up after the painting.

After all the shelves were hung, came the fun part…filling them! I LOVE the way they turned out, but this post is just a teaser. I’m so mean aren’t I? You’ll have to come back to see the shelves all filled and organized! It totally satisfied my current organizing addiction!

I won’t make you wait too long. I’ll show you how I filled the shelves soon!


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