Bedroom Closet Doors…FINALLY!

So who’s ready to see some pictures of my incredibly handsome husband?!? I am! I suppose I’ll show you some pictures of the amazing closet doors he built, too!

But first… The bedroom when we had to cover our custom built ins with terrible black curtains.



Boo! How terrible, right? Well, the curtains are a thing of the past!

Now to the handsome husband part… Shane built us some AMAZING closet doors. We worked on the design together, and then he worked his magic and built some seriously legit doors…




We knew we wanted to paint the doors white so we went with poplar that Shane planed and joined to get perfectly straight boards. This guy seriously knows WAY more about wood working than your average almost 27 year old, or most people in general. Everything that went into these closet doors is really beyond what I even know how to explain. So, I guess we will mostly just focus on the fact that he’s cute! It that ok? I hope so.


Eventually he ended up with a stack of boards for the frame, and this stack of boards for the face of the door.


You can see the holes for dominos. That’s what holds the boards together. After about a million more steps that I really know nothing about, he installed our perfect closet doors! We kind of contemplated finishing the wood instead of painting them once they were up, but ultimately, we decided the color was off a bit for our room. We all know I’m obsessed with white anyway…

Don’t mind the missing piece of baseboard. Things were still coming together at this point. I was just ecstatic that the curtains were gone!




I love the subtle detail of the planks.


Shane and I discussed having brass hardware on the doors, but Shane totally blew me away with the brass hardware he made! He did such a good job designing it. The overhang detail is amazing! it wasn’t exactly what I thought we would do, but I love this even more than what I had in mind.







This picture by Karl Poynter.



The room is feeling so much more done now! I’m loving it. What do you guys think? Shane did a great job didn’t he?

I won’t lie… we still have two more closet doors to build for our main closet on the other side of the room.


Who knows when we will get to that. Someday… I’m just happy we got the two around the bed done. So, I’m still throwing a celebration over here!




4 thoughts on “Bedroom Closet Doors…FINALLY!

  1. I just started reading your blog. Please tell me your hubby does custom woodworking for a living. It’s very unique (see your new coffee table) and people pay big bucks for handcrafted unique pieces. I would! Oh, and if your whole blog were only about your cute hubby, I would still read it πŸ™‚

    • Yay! It’s so nice to know we have some new readers out there! My hubby is currently working on transitioning into doing custom woodworking at his full time gig. He has a day job as of right now, but he’d love woodworking to be his main thing. He’s incredibly talented so I know he will get there! In the meantime he does make some good eye candy for the blog, huh? πŸ™‚

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