A Few Stylizing Tweaks

I’ve been doing a bit of stylizing tweaks lately. I love nothing more than the look of a neat, clean, and magazine perfect house. I know it’s not always practical, but so far I find it pretty easy to keep my house looking stylized and pretty! A couple of areas I wasn’t quite happy with were the kitchen shelves and the bar in the dining room. I thought I would give stylizing them another shot. They were only minor tweaks but I like the look of it much better!

Here’s shelf 1 before”


It was a wee bit on the bare side and honestly, I just don’t use the coffee maker much. So I put it away in a cabinet. I am going to ask for this guy for Christmas, though!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.40.58 PM

So I’ll have to find a way to work it into the countertop space. Until then, shelf 1 looks like this:


 Shelf 2 in the kitchen looked like this before:


I always liked this shelf pretty well so not much has changed. I did add some wooden bowls my grandma gave me and some clear plates I have and switched out the plants.

Shelf 2 now looks like this:


One of the other places that got some styling tweaks is the bar.

Here’s the bar before:





We honestly rarely drink and we aren’t low on cabinet space so I opted to make our little home bar prettier.

Here’s the bar area now:


I added fur to the stools, because I’m seriously obsessed with fur. It adds a little cushion to your tooshie, too. A serving tray Shane made found a home back behind the bar, and I added flowers! (More on the flowers later.)





Don’t you love my pink rock I found at a garage sale? I do!

Well that’s all of my little stylizing tweaks for now. I did also tackle the book case in the living room, our dresser in the bedroom, and the new coffee table! (Before it was ripped away from me.) I’ll be sharing those things sometime, too!


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