The Time I Had a New Coffee Table for Four Hours

This past week has been a CRAZY total whirlwind of a week! I’m exhausted to say the least! Shane and I were running around like total maniacs trying to accomplish some major projects at our house. We had a big photo shoot this week! I hope to share the pictures and give you more details once I know a little more. It’s a big deal photo shoot for us, and it sent us into a total tailspin. We seriously accomplished so much this week! I spent a lot of time doing a bit of stylizing tweaks…all of which I plan to show you as soon as I catch my breath. Shane built and installed our closet doors. Whoop whoop! I ADORE them! On top of that major accomplishment, we collaborated on the most amazing coffee table ever! Shane is obviously the building genius behind the coffee table, and I helped with a vague design and did some metal grinding and sanding. It’s without a doubt my new favorite piece of furniture we own. It looks so amazing in our living room and really gives our living room a whole new feel.

But guess what…I only got to keep the coffee table for 4 hours. Major sad face! We had the coffee table in our house exactly long enough for our photo shoot, and then it got entered into an art show and contest, where it will stay until October. Bummer huh? At least I had time to snap a few photos to share with all of you.

Without further adieu, our new coffee table…


It started as just steel rods.



Shane welded together every piece of the steel base, and I used a dremel tool to grind all the welds smooth. The top is 2″ solid walnut. It’s a truly beautiful piece of wood!



I miss this table so much already! We snapped some photos outside before it was off to the art center in town.





I’ll be seeing this table again in October…Until then I’ll just be missing it.

Isn’t it crazy that this table was just ONE of the things we got done this past week!? More updates to come soon.


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