Happy Labor Day!




I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day! I’m enjoying it with a few projects around the house and some laundry. Exciting stuff, huh? What I wish I was doing was shopping! Labor Day seems like a good time to catch some sales! I won’t be going shopping, but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing a little online window shopping! Here’s a roundup of some great sales from a few of my favorite stores online!


I LOVE all the jewelry at Anthropologie. It’s too bad I would never pay full price for any of them. There are some seriously beautiful things in their sale section currently, however. Even better…all their sale items are an additional 20% off! I’m still not going to buy anything, but it’s fun too look and dream!



Love this necklace at only $14.95!





I’m a bracelet person. It’s the easiest way for me to accessorize. Necklaces and earrings don’t always feel quite right on me. I can always throw on a bracelet, though. I love this one!



This necklace is only $12.95 and it’s so sweet and adorable!



Another bracelet I just love.




I won’t lie…I seriously want this chair…I tried to convince Shane we needed it. He wasn’t convinced. I adore everything about it and have been on a bit of an orange kick lately. It’s down to only $149 plus another 20% off! So so so tempting!



I saw this pillow in the store last week, and it almost came home with me. I love the handmade look.



If you are looking for white bedding with just a little bit of detail I think this set is perfect in every way!



These sheets are also perfect! I’m a sucker for quality bedding. It makes climbing into bed sooooooo much better. I love the little arrow detailing.



This headboard is seriously gorgeous. It’s a solid wood headboard with a carved design. If I had more beds around here, I might have to have it.





Pillows are so expensive, but I LOVE this one at only $24 for the cover!



It’s always nice to bring in wood elements into a room. These vases are perfect.



If I buy anything it might have to be a few of these beautiful agate knobs. I have a project in mind that I would love to use it for! They would also look beyond gorgeous on our bedroom dresser.



They seem to only have the salad plates left in this pattern, but I think they would be amazing paired with plain white plates. For a $1.99 it’s way hard to pass up!



I have a thing for buffalos. I love this print from Urban Outfitters.



I feel like you can never have to many beautiful baskets! (Not the kind my mom used to collect….you can definitely have too many of those…) This seems to be a good deal for a basket this large.



I picture these chairs in a white out dining room. I love the legs.



I adore the color combo of this industrial pendant.




Again, If I had more beds I would most definitely need this headboard. So amazing!



Apparently I have a thing for diamond weave chairs. I love this one, too.



I think this shelf is great. I have it on order for Shane to make something similar, but for those of you that aren’t as lucky as me and don’t have a personal furniture builder, I think this one is great!




Seriously, for $99 this chair is amazing! I really love it.



They only have this headboard left in a twin, but can you imagine it on a room with two twin beds. Adore!

That’s my round up! There’s some great things out there on sale right now. Maybe there’s something perfect for you!


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