Don’t Hate Me. I Got Rid of the Bedroom Shelves.

This is one of those blogs I’m almost afraid to write….I’m a bit worried I might disappoint a few of you. So here it goes… I took down the shelves in the bedroom.


It’s strange, but these shelves might be second on the list of things I got the most compliments on. I think maybe it was just a good picture. In real life they weren’t feeling quite big enough for the wall, and they are cheap Target shelves. They looked and felt cheap once we upgraded some things in our bedroom.

I had already been trying to play with getting something bigger to set on the shelves. I was trying out these yellow vases I already had.


They certainly weren’t going to be the forever fix, but I just wanted to see how I felt about the shelves when they housed something a little bigger and more of a statement.



They just weren’t doing it for me anymore. I’m sure that disappoints many of you. It will probably disappoint you even more when I tell you, I gave the shelves away! I gave them to my little sister to help decorate her first post college apartment. I felt like it was a good cause.

Shane and I contemplated several things for this wall. What I would have really loved to have done is get a giant print of one of our travel photos, but we couldn’t agree on one. (I should have just not asked his opinion…) Then, we talked about getting a huge live edge slab of wood as a decor piece. We both loved that idea, but live edge slabs will usually set you back a couple hundred dollars at least. So, I opted for just trying out something free!


I painted on a couple of canvases we already had hanging out in the basement. I wanted something to kind of bring in some of the colors of the rug, something abstract, and something reminiscent of mountains. (Shane and I both LOVE mountains.)


Here you can kind of see it pulling some colors from the rug. In real life you can see more of this dark blue in the rug.




In real life you can also see more texture on the paintings, which just gives it something a little extra.


I actually really like the look of the room with the paintings. It’s crazy just how much fancier a room can feel by adding some paintings regardless of how simple they may be. We are planning to build some walnut frames for the canvases. I think the pop of dark wood will make it feel even more fancy! I’ll of course show you pictures of that once we get it done!

I’m sorry to all of those who loved the shelves, but sometimes you have to do what feels right to you!


Special announcement!!!!!

Production of the closet doors has begun!!!!!! Hallelujah!


Currently, this is what they look like. Shane has a long way to go, but I’m super excited! These are going to be some legit closet doors that he is putting a ton of work into!

Side note: This is his shop! He rents a space in a building in town and spends lots of time creating awesome things here.


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