Couch Pillow Help!

Ok, so I need some help. I’m on the hunt for new couch pillows!

I’m going to be stealing the bigger pillows for the nursery. They always felt to big for the couch anyway and took up too much room. I got great suggestions for the rug dilemma. So, I thought I would see what kind of ideas you all have for pillows! I’m just having trouble finding anything I’m in love with. A fresh set of eyes always helps! Here are some inspiration pictures of pillow combos I like. Finding similar stuff in the real world is the trick!

Of course, part of me wants to go all white and neutral, but the other part of me wants color.

Something like this is beautiful, but finding pillows so perfect in the real world is tough.

I’m pretty obsessed with this mixed look, but don’t want my couch to be overrun with pillows. I’m thinking 4 max. So, I don’t know if I could accomplish the same look with only 4.

I love the clean white mixed with the bohemian look of these!

This mix is nice. I like that there’s some white mixed in with color and pattern.

So what do you all think? What’s going to work best for our space! Help me find some pillows! Here’s the doozy… We have a big photo shoot coming up (more on that later…it’s exciting stuff!!!) in about a week. Eeekkk! So I’d really like to have them by then. That leaves me stuck with express shipping or picking them up at a store. I’m not opposed to sewing a few pillow covers. So if you find some amazing fabric to tell!! Help help help! What do you think?


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