Pictures From Our First Year in Our House

While cleaning out my email inbox the other day, I found some pictures that blew my mind! I had completely forgotten that my brother-in-law had e-mailed them to me a while ago. They are a few pictures of our house the first year we lived here. I desperately wish more of these pictures existed, but unfortunately they were lost when my computer was stolen a few years ago. For some reason that we’ve since forgotten, my brother-in-law had these few on his computer.

Are you ready to see our house from way back when? These were the days renovation was WAY out of our budget, and the majority of our belongings were free hand-me-downs. Our house certainly has changed!

Living Room Circa 2008


Living Room Now


So I know it’s not exactly the same angle, so I’ll give you another now.


Much different! I can’t believe I ever lived in a house that was so dark!!

Kitchen Circa 2008


Kitchen Now


We kept the layout of the kitchen the same, but there’s not a single bit of the old kitchen that remains. (Except it’s the same knife block and knives! I also still have the same toaster and sugar and flour canisters!) The new kitchen is such a big improvement.

Bathroom Circa 2008


Bathroom Now



The bathroom really hasn’t changed that much at all. Hopefully I’ll get to show you a bigger before and after reveal in the next year. We have gotten new faucets, though. That’s it. How crazy are those pictures?! I really do wish we had more. The dining room and bedroom are quite a bit different, too! In 2008 our bedroom had gross carpet!

I do have some various pictures from around 2011 and after. I should compile them all and show you the progression sometime. I’m sure I will at some point, but that’s enough mind blowing for today.




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