The Bedroom Rug Story Continues…

Maybe you saw the rug dilemma  I posted about HERE. I just wasn’t sure the new rug was going to work. I liked it but Shane was less than thrilled about it.


I could see his point. It was rather bright for our white space, but I just loved it. I don’t know why. I just liked the rug.

So my solution…bring white to the rug!



I decided to try layering a sheep skin rug on top and success. I really like the look a lot better now. Once the white closet doors are in and the black curtains are out, I think it will be even better.

So when it came to looking for a sheepskin, I wanted a long one that would run the width of the bed. When I hit the internet to find something, I just wasn’t wiling to pay the prices I was seeing. So I got creative instead. The rug you see in the picture is actually two smaller IKEA faux sheepskins. They are only $9.99 a piece and that was much more along the lines of what I was willing to pay. So I just sewed two of the rugs that I already had together.


I started with just pining the two rugs together. (Notice the guest appearance of my baby bump!)


Then I just sewed it together quickly on my machine. I did break a needle. It ends up being rather thick for a sewing machine, but I managed. This is what it looks like on the backside.

My final step was maybe a strange one, but oh well!


I brushed the rugs together with a dog brush. I’m pretty sure Shane thinks I’m crazy at times. The rugs needed it though, and once they were brushed they really looked like one seamless rug. The picture above was pre grooming treatment.

I think the bedroom rug is saved. I thought for sure I would be sending the rug back or selling it, but I really do like it now. Shane seems to be on board, too. It just feels more like us now. The best part is that the fix was free since I already had the sheepskin rugs! I did end up buying a few more rugs for baby P’s nursery so maybe it was more like a $20 fix. Either way, I’ll take it!


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