Baby Bump Body Pillow

There’s this ongoing joke between Shane and I about my sewing skills. He seems to think I should be able to whip out anything on the sewing machine. He has encouraged me to make clothes, sew entire couch covers, and many other things I’m totally not capable of doing! My sewing skills are completely limited to 8th grade home economics class at best, but because I’ve made the occasional curtains and pillow covers, Shane thinks I should be a pro or something. He just doesn’t get it. Sewing gives me anxiety! Something always goes wrong with the machine, and I just know far too little about it to not feel completely helpless. With all that said, I recently tackled a little sewing project anyway…


I made a cover for a body pillow. My baby bump is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and sleeping is getting tougher and tougher. I felt like a body pillow would probably help me a bit. I have an aversion to buying on of those fancy pregnancy “c” pillows because I know I won’t be using it forever. This body pillow can stick around after the fact. Since body pillow covers are a bit harder to find, I decided to just make my own using some fabric I picked up at Ikea.


First, I laid the pillow out to just get an idea of how wide I needed to cut my fabric. Once I decided on a measurement, I took a tape measure and measured all down one side and made my cut.


I then cut another piece the same width, but longer. I needed this piece to be longer so that I could create an over lap in the back. The overlap will become the slot the you can take the pillow in and out of the cover for washing.


I cut the longer piece of fabric in half, pinned, and hemmed one side of each piece. (And also prayed I wouldn’t have to wind a new bobbin. I’m pretty sure I never do that right.)



I pinned the three pieces all together, making sure the right sides were all in and overlapping the two shorter pieces. Then you just need to sew al the way around the outside. I generally opt to just sew one side at a time instead of a continuous stitch all the way around.


All you pro sewers are probably laughing at my technique, but it gets the job done. Once you turn the pillow case right-side-out all you can see are fairly nice seams. I’m pretty intimidated every time I pull the sewing machine out of the closet, but really little things like this are super easy and quick! This really only took me about 20 minutes tops. I can handle a little anxiety for 20 minutes. I have plans to make several pillow covers for the pillows going on the nursery day bed. We will see if they go over as well as this little job! Keep your fingers crossed!

I’ll show you the pillow on the bed soon, along with a few other little bedroom surprises!




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