Nursery Flower Painting


I told you in an earlier post about the giant canvas Shane and I bought for the nursery. (We really need to start stretching our own canvases.) Now, it’s time to show you what I did with it! My plan was to paint a similar flower print to what I did on this lamp shade.


I knew I wanted a ton of color and a big, bold print for Baby Girl P to look at! So I started out by painting it red!


Honestly, I totally surprised myself with this decision. I usually hate, and I mean HATE, red. I knew that with the sweet flowers on it that it wouldn’t scream red. It’s way more orange in this picture than it really is in real life.


I quickly sketched on my flowers and got right to painting. I literally painted for about two days straight!


This is what it looked like after all the flower shapes were painted on. I still had all the detail to go!


There she is all done! I do really love it, and I think it will look great in the room, but like anything I ever do… I do wish I had done things just a bit differently. I wish I would have left a little more dead space and spaced all the flowers out a bit more, but when you see the painting in real life it doesn’t really look as cluttered because of it’s size. It’s 4’x5′. Also, some of the colors didn’t turn out quite like I expected. That’s ok, though. I think it still works well. At this point, the plan is to put this painting above the changing table. We will see once we get the whole room together, though.

I know I’ve already shown you this picture, but It’s a good so see the painting kind of far away and in the room.

Nursery experiments

I’m really excited to see the whole thing come together!




2 thoughts on “Nursery Flower Painting

  1. Hey there – just found your blog from Dana’s post on House*Tweaking about your kitchen (which is awesome by the way!).

    This art is fabulous – looks just like Rifle Paper Company!! I have a bit of a love affair with their designs and I would have sworn your lampshade and canvas were part of their line. Great job! Baby P is one lucky girl πŸ™‚

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