The Current State of the Nursery

Currently, the nursery is in a pretty scary state. We did recently get the room pretty much all cleaned out, but we still have a long way to go! As I mentioned before, we plan to do the same ceilings that we have in the rest in our house, a custom closet, and lots and lots of wall patching and repairs. Here’s what the room currently looks like…The scary truth!



Above is the view from the door way. The giant canvas is a project for the nursery I’ll tell you all about at some point.


This is the looking back the other direction. I have a small nursery pile going on. The framed poster, the lamp, the basket, and the chair will all stay in the nursery. My dad is going to convert the chair to a rocker for us. The pillow on the chair and the few other things on the floor are just a give away pile. Did you notice that we are missing our ceiling light?! So, I’m on the hunt for a light!


This is the small closet that Shane will be converting into a nice custom closet with a much wider opening. This closet is currently a bit horrific! I’m excited to see it become a much cleaner and more functional space.

So that’s the tour of the room as it is. Now here’s the plan….

Surprise, surprise I’m going with white walls! I just really love nurseries with white walls. They just seem to have more of a modern look. I’m not in to the super baby baby kind of nurseries. So, white walls it is!

white walls 1


My plan is white walls, but still lots of color!


White walls 2


And like this nursery, I’m planning a special ceiling!


Remember the ceilings will eventually look like this, but we plan to paint them a pale pink!

Pale Pink


Maybe a shade similar to this. I do want a bit of the innocent baby girl look, and I think the pink ceiling will be perfect for that. We will see how it turns out hopefully we love it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.23.29 PM

We plan on doing this dresser from IKEA as a changing table.



The curtains will be dip dyed DIY’s like I did for our living room curtains, but I’m thinking more of an aqua green.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.50.40 PM

Shane really has his heart set on building a baby crib. I really want him to, but this very simple IKEA crib is my backup plan. Shhhh don’t tell Shane I have a backup plan. I’m just worried he’s not going to have the time. He’s so busy with work.


We really hope to DIY a geometric mobile similar to something like this.


Well, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten with the planning so far. I’m really kind of stumped on a rug. I’m really not sure what to get yet. We will see how everything gets pulled together!



Here’s a picture I took last night. Sorry, it was dark and I used my iPhone.

Nursery experiments

There’s a possibility I might use this rug that we already have in the nursery. I’m not 100% sure, but it would save us some serious money not having to buy a new one! There’s so many decisions to be made! Also, There’s a sneak peak of my painting! More about that later, though! This rug does really send the nursery into this sort of direction….


White walls 2

I do love this look. So, maybe it’s the right fit… I guess we will just have to wait and see what the crazy hormones do to my decisions over the next few months!



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