Nursery Project #1

Let the nursery fun begin!!! We found out that we are having a little girl, so now we can officially start putting together her nursery! I’m pretty excited about this step. I think the idea of bringing home a baby is going to feel a lot more real when we have a space to bring her home to. Unfortunately, it may be a while before the space is completed. We have quite a bit of work to do in the nursery. I’ll post pictures of it’s current state soon. We have yet to really touch that bedroom since we moved in 6 years ago. There’s lots of plaster patching that needs to be done. We will be doing the ceilings like the rest of our house.


The nursery and the bathroom are the only ceilings we haven’t gotten to yet. They are still the ugly stomp ceilings…EEEEEK!

We will also be building a custom closet for the bedroom, much like what we did in our bedroom. (When I say “we” I totally mean Shane will be building a custom closet like the one he built for our bedroom.)


So we’ve got some fairly hefty projects to do in the spare room, and Shane is the ringleader of hefty projects. Unfortunately, he is currently on his way to Colorado for work and I don’t expect him back at home full time until about November. So no matter how incredibly nest-y I’m feeling, there isn’t much I can do about it for what will feel like a very long few months! (Sad Face!)

Instead, I’m trying to busy myself with planning and all the small projects I can do in the meantime. So what’s the plan?

Nursery Plan

The day we found out we were having a little girl, we made a run to Target and I just so happened to stumble upon these notebooks. (My apologies for the terrible quality internet picture I found.) I instantly fell in love. Thus, I bought them and they became the inspiration for the nursery. Shane was totally onboard, too. I loved the colors. I knew I didn’t want a “Pink vomited all over the place” nursery, but I also like a little bit of soft pink. We both really loved the flowers, too. They are sweet, but also have a bit of sophistication to them.

I was SUPER anxious to get going with any sort of project for the nursery. So, I jumped right in! Shane and I had a lamp sitting around and we hadn’t really known what to do it. I decided it would be a perfect fit for the nursery, but had planned on buying a new white lamp shade for it. Then I got to thinking….What if I just painted the flowers on the shade? If it didn’t turn out well no biggy. I had planned on buying a new one anyway.

So here’s what I started with.


This is the lampshade we had on hand, but it wasn’t going to work in the plan. So I just went ahead and painted it a soft teal like in the inspiration print. I just used acrylic paint because that’s what I had. (Again, sorry for these not so great pictures. I was hanging out at Shane’s workshop, where the lighting is poor, and all I had was my iPhone.)


Once I had the lampshade painted, I roughly sketched my flowers all the way around. Then I started to paint them in solid.



After they were all painted in solid and dry, the fun part began!

Painting the detail!


That’s me getting my detail on! It was super fun, because the little one kicked the entire time I painted her lampshade. I think she’s excited about it!


Once the detail was done, I was totally in love! It’s now such a sweet little lampshade perfect for our little girl’s nursery! The best part is…I don’t have to buy a new lampshade now!





And there it is on the lamp it now belongs to! Shane and I both worried that it might end up looking a bit funny when the lamp was on, but we have good news! It doesn’t look funny at all. Mostly, light doesn’t come through the shade anymore except on the teal parts without the flowers. There are parts that let little dots or lines of light through that kind of gives it an antique kind of feel. I really actually like it.

So, the first nursery project was a total success!!! It’s time to get on to more!



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