Outdoor Living Love

I’m an outdoor junkie! I ADORE being outside! Therefore, I’m a HUUUUUGE fan of out door living space. When Shane and I are home during warm weather season we literally live outside. We hang out outside, we cook outside, we eat outside, and we spend a lot of time working on the outside of our home. It’s just where we are the happiest! Here is our outdoor space.



The second picture is before we stained the deck and added our shingles, but it’s the only picture I have of our PERFECT seating area! Many naps have been taken here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our outdoor space. It’s a very very different backyard than what we started with. While, I love our outdoor space is many isn’t quite the space of my dreams.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 3.56.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 3.58.08 PM


My ideal outdoor space is more like these spaces! I REALLY want an outdoor living space with a roof. I want it to feel like a true living space that is a little more protected from the weather. In my previous years I wanted sun, sun, and more sun. Not anymore. I’m a sunscreen fanatic, and would prefer to just stay out of the sun all together. I still want to feel like i’m outside, though. So a covered outdoor space is ideal! You then have a little more freedom with the things you have in your outdoor space. you don’t have to worry about lanterns filling up with rain, or your outdoor furniture wearing so quickly. I LOVE the two spaces above, but my style is a little more modern so imagine a mixture of modern, with the luxury of the covered roof. If I have to be honest, my dream outdoor space would include a pool! I’m obsessed with water.

Ok, so maybe we don’t all have our dream outdoor living areas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the heck out of what we do have!! I have yet to find a better place to buy outdoor furniture than IKEA. For me, it’s all about price. Hands down, they have the best prices on outdoor furniture that I’ve found. Trust me, I’ve looked and looked and looked. Our sectional is from IKEA and we LOVE it! This is now it’s second season, and it’s holding up great! (Shhh don’t tell, but we actually never even took the furniture inside this winter. We had intentions to, but it was covered in snow before we got our act together. We did get the cushions inside, but I still worried the couch covered in snow would really ruin it, but it didn’t! It’s still in perfect shape! I’d still recommend storing it inside during winter, however.) The biggest surprise about our IKEA sectional is how easy the cushions are to clean. I can’t seem to keep our dogs off the sectional. They think we put it there just for their sunbathing purposes! Luckily muddy paw prints clean right off. All it takes is a little carpet cleaner and a rag. With no effort at all, it comes right off. Thank goodness!

So here are my IKEA outdoor suggestions. Click the pictures to be sent to the link!

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.05.58 PM


I love this sectional. It’s beautiful. There are so many directions you can go with this sectional. I can see it in a beachy style outdoor space. I can easily be in a more traditional outdoor space. It can also be a little more modern. I usually fall somewhere in the beachy/modern style when it comes to outdoor spaces. That’s probably why I adore this sectional. $840.00 is such a great price for this sectional. It would be well worth it to sign up for the IKEA Family Membership to get it for only $700.00!! Also, just a side note…the cushion covers sip off and can be thrown in the wash. I only wash mine at the end of the season.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.07.44 PM

This chair is so perfect for lounging. I’ve sat in it, and it’s comfy! It’s plastic so it would be super durable outside, as well. I love the more modern look of them. I’m thinking Shane and I will eventually get our hands on a couple of these. I love the idea of paring them with these foot stools. Although, you’d probably want to pull them inside when you aren’t using it outside.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.18.55 AM

What’s an outdoor living space without outdoor dining?

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 6.00.31 PM


This simple, sleek table and benches is a perfect place to eat outside. We have a table with arm chairs, but I often wish we had an outdoor table more like this. We never want to sit at our outdoor table to eat. It seems to formal to sit at a chair with arms. Maybe that’s silly, but it’s so much easier to plop down at a bench table like this. I just love the look of it, too.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.07.42 AM

We have this IKEA umbrella, and just a few weeks ago Shane made the comment, “That was the best $100 I ever spent.” We may not have the covered outdoor space of our dreams, but this umbrella certainly helps. It’s HUGE so it shades the majority of our sectional area. We mounted the base to our deck, so that we don’t have to have the bulky base like shown in the picture. This umbrella is really easy to out up and down, too. We just really really love it, and are SOOOOOO glad we purchased it. This is it’s second season and it’s in great shape. We only put it up when it’s in use. When it’s not in use it folds down, and this winter we took the upper umbrella portion and packed it away in our storage shed.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 6.02.49 PM

I’m not thrilled with IKEA’s outdoor decor. (I.E. Lanterns, outdoor candles, outdoor pillows, and outdoor lighting.) I really like Target’s selection for those types of things. Target seems to have lanterns every year, and every year I call more and more in love with them. Go to Target and check out this year’s Lanterns. They are gorgeous! I do really like these planters from IKEA, though. Planters with plants and flowers added to your outdoor space makes the space even more beautiful. Even if your landscaping is lacking, it can help make it look like you are a green-thumb gardner.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.43.34 AM


Isn’t this Target lantern AWESOME! They have three different sizes, and I want them all!

Enjoy the outside, everyone!



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