The Gypsy Life

Many of you know about our adventures to South Africa and Germany this past year for Shane’s job, but not as many of you know how we live the rest of the year. (When we aren’t taking it easy at home or having an oversea adventure.)

We very much live a gypsy life a good portion of the year. Currently, we are in North Carolina. Shane has been here a week, and I got here yesterday. So where do we stay when we are traveling state side for Shane’s job?


Our fifth wheel! I’m pretty certain most people think we are nuts, but I actually really like living on the road. I like getting out of out small little town and trying out a new town for a while. Currently, we are only a couple hours from the beach. We will be spending weekends at the ocean, and I’m very happy about that! I have to say its just really fun, and I really don’t mind living in a camper at all, three dogs and all!

So, I know many people have very little camper experience. I thought I would give you a little tour of ours.


This is the “living room.” The camper originally had built in furniture. Everything is made to fold into a bed. The furniture was big and bulky. We didn’t need extra beds. We just wanted extra floor space. So we replaced the couch and a HUGE dining booth with a small ikea couch and chair.


There’s Ginger hanging out! We don’t have a table now, but that’s ok. We eat on the couch sometimes, but usually we eat outside. Most camp grounds have picnic tables.


This is the kitchen. I do quite a bit of cooking. Shane works long hours and usually wants to just come home and sit rather than going out. The kitchen comes equipped with everything you need. Stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer. There are a few down sides. The fridge and freezer are smaller than normal, so weekly grocery trips is a must. The other downside is the sink is rather small. I’m used to my big, deep sink. Also, there just isn’t much counter space. I get by, though!



The first picture is a view of the living room/kitchen area from the hallway to the bedroom. The bedroom is up two steps and in the front of the camper. The second picture is the bedroom. The bedroom is tight quarters, but it functions just fine for sleeping. There’s closets on either side of the bed, above the bed, and running on one side of the bed.


Honestly, we really have plenty of storage. Shane and I each have a half of this closet. Then, there are lots of other cabinets that I put shoes and folding clothes in. While I don’t pack up all of my clothes and bring them, I bring a majority of them. They all fit just fine!



The bathroom is small, but works just fine. A camper toilet is nothing like a regular toilet, but it’s easy to get used to. Shane and I are used to being in the bathroom at the same time at home. So, we find ourselves on top of each other brushing our teeth in this bathroom as well. It’s cozy to say the least, but cozy is fun! The hardest part of the camper experience for me is giving up my loooooong hoooooootttt showers. It just doesn’t work out here. The water heater is much too small for the long showers I take back home, but that’s ok. I waste a lot less water!





The back room seems to be our catch all room. We have a desk back there that houses all of our “office” things. We have to pay bills and do other clerical type things from the road so it’s nice to have a place to house all those things. This is also the dog room. We keep their crates and food back here. There are steps up to an additional sleeping area. We rarely use it. I’m kind of considering teaching our dogs to hang out up there while we are gone so that we can ditch the crates all together. There’s more room up there for them anyway. There’s also another half bath back here! We also hardly use it. I have secret plans to make Shane convert it to a laundry room. Yes, they sell washers and dryers for campers!! Currently, we have to go to laundry mats. Although, many camp grounds have quarter machines.

That’s it! The full tour. Sorry for the terrible pictures. My camera was dead and it’s hard to get good pictures in such tight quarters.

Campers make living on the road much easier. I really don’t like hotels. It never feels like home. With the camper, we take our home with us! This way we never have to worry about bringing the dogs along either. I should also mention that the camper has a tv antenna! We don’t even have that at home! Currently we have 25 channels! I feel so spoiled!!

This is our second camper. We started with a much smaller and cheaper camper. Don’t tell Shane, but I miss that camper! Since it was an older camper I felt like I could overhaul it! I painted and made a ton of custom changes. This camper is too new to make changes like that. We want it to hold its value for resale incase we ever sell it. It works out great for our crazy gypsy life that I love! I’m soaking it in while I can. Someday we will have children on school and we won’t be able to travel like this. Until then, I’m enjoying every moment!


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