Shingles…the Wood Kind

Shane and I have been working on some outdoor projects in preparation for getting the house all ready to sell! I have to say, we are getting the the house pretty spiffy! I wish we would have done some of this stuff years ago. Oh well, I guess the new owners will get to enjoy all the fruits of our labor.

Last spring, Shane and I put a privacy fence in our backyard. To date, that fence is still one of my favorite things we’ve done! It’s nice to feel like we have a private backyard and space that’s completely our own.



The fence was a big project that took a VERY long time. In order to keep the fence level, we had to cut each individual board. That left us with a bunch of these…

board pieces

Right away I had ideas! I love craftsman exteriors and I’ve seen several that have the “shingle” look under the front porch.


Isn’t that gorgeous? I love the extra detail. it’s just gives it a much nicer look. So, when I saw all those fence board scraps just about the perfect size…This was happening! We just jumped right in.

Porch Progress

Since we had all different sizes, we just went for a random pattern, making sure each row stayed level. We nailed all four corners of each shingle. This is a project you want a nail gun for.


I have to say… We love it! It ended up looking even better than I could have imagined.



Clearly, I need a new doormat. This one is pretty ugly…

Because our house is so old, You can see places on our wood siding where layers and layers and layers of paint have been chipped away.


Although we have scraped and repainted it, it’s nearly impossible to get the boards smooth again. Luckily, It’s really only noticeable when you are close to the siding. if you are standing back more than a few feet you can’t really see it. That’s what made this project so great for the front porch. Now, one of the only places you get close enough to the siding to notice the imperfections is completely covered with the new shingles.

I’m incredibly happy with the decision to do this. In fact, we were so happy with it that we ended up doing the back side of the house too!


I can’t tell you the difference it has made! We LOVE LOVE LOVE sitting on our back deck, and now it feels even more quaint and perfect. We plan to paint the shingles the same color as the house so it flows a little better and seems a little more like a cohesive and natural part of the house. We first have to let the shingles weather and dry out for a few weeks before painting it. It’s always a good idea to wait a while for pressure treated wood to dry out before painting or staining it. I can’t wait to see it all completed, though! Of course, I’ll be sure to share it with all of you!



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