West Elm Rug Samples

One of my absolute favorite stores is West Elm. I don’t really buy things there often, but I love to check it out just for inspiration. It’s fun to see all of their products together and all styled. A few weeks ago, I dropped in to West Elm to do my usual inspiration shopping, and I found these…


Here’s the story… West Elm sells beautiful rugs, absolutely beautiful. They sell rug samples so that you can take it home and make sure it works in your space before you make the big purchase. Then, you can simply exchange the sample for the real deal. Well they obviously discontinue and change out their rugs occasionally, and the little (they are about 18×18 I think) samples get left behind. West Elm then sells the old samples for $4.99! I couldn’t resist! They are so beautiful and fantastic quality. I just knew I’d use them somewhere. I picked out several that I felt coordinated and I plan to stitch together my own rug. Then I picked out a couple more that I liked for other odds and ends projects. One of the workers at the store also suggested that they make great placemats.

Want to see my first project involving these samples?


I made a pillow! So here’s what I did… The rug sample is very heavy weight. I figured my sewing machine couldn’t handle it. So I picked up some cream fabric for the back and cream embroidery floss and sewed this bad boy by hand. I sewed three sides of it inside out to hide the stitching, and the final side I sewed after I had stuffed the pillow.



It was a nice watching TV project. I don’t have enough of those kinds of projects, where I can just sit and zone out for a bit. It was a welcomed change. This pillow is a bit itchy and scratchy so it’s not the kind of pillow you want to use to nap, but it’s a nice pillow for your lap while hanging out on the couch. I tried to offset the scratchiness by making sure to not over stuff it and use very soft cushy stuffing. It makes it a very pliable pillow, and that helps with comfort. I really love the way it turned out, and it’s a nice addition to our couch pillows. I’ll have to take a picture of it sometime when there isn’t a couple of dogs using it as their own personal pillow. One West Elm sample rug project down and a few more to go!


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