The Place We Poo

I’ve been a bit reluctant to share with everyone our bathroom for two reasons.

1. It’s not our style at all.

2. It feels a little strange to invite everyone in to the place that we poo! It’s just weird!

I guess that’s what this blog is all about, though. Inviting you into our home…even the place where we poo. So here it is, our bathroom:


Shane and I have done very little to the bathroom in the 5+ years we’ve owned the house. Several years ago we did put in a new slate tile floor in place of the old vinyl, and took out the old medicine cabinet and replaced it with this more modern one. We also replaced the old faucets, and painted…several times.



That’s me making a guest appearance in the mirror. (Bed hair and all.)


I did also add some hanging planters, because I just love plants.


I’ve tried to make the best of a really terrible storage situation with a few baskets that house makeup, hair product and tools, and other bathroom odds and ends. It’s not ideal, but it works.


Our bathroom isn’t terrible, but it’s not our style at all. If we were going to stay in the house longer we’d definitely be doing a bathroom overhaul. I’ll probably show you just what I would do to our little bathroom if I could eventually, because it’s fun to dream anyway!


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