Little Bedroom Changes

So, remember when I talked about bedroom upgrades we wanted to make? Read about it HERE. One of the major things Shane and I wanted to do in our bedroom was build closet doors for the closets he had built. Well, change of plans. After several talks and lots of thinking…WE’VE DECIDED TO MOVE! Now before you get too excited, it may still be a while. We plan to be very patient when it comes to finding a new home, and we recognize that it may take some time to sell this home. Regardless, we have decided to gear all further projects towards preparing the house to sell. While we’d love to see beautiful doors on these closets, it just doesn’t make sense for us to spend the money on building them, when they likely won’t even match the taste of a future owner.  Sadly, we have to skip the closet doors project.

Most likely we will still be at this house for another year or so, and I wasn’t happy with the current white curtains on the closets at all. You can’t see it in the picture, but the shade of white the curtains were just didn’t feel right with the other shades of white in the room. I wanted something with a bit more contrast. Here’s the curtains before.


So, we did a bit more than get new curtains. We moved out the headboard, as well. It moved the bed an extra 18″ from the wall and was making the room feel a bit cramped. We also took the mattress and box spring off the metal bed frame and set them on the floor instead. I like the look of a lower bed better. We do still plan to eventually build a bed for ourselves, (since that’s something we can take with us when we move) but for now I like the bed on the floor better. I switched out our bedding with some other things that we already had. The only thing that we bought new were the curtains from IKEA. At only $9 a pair is really wasn’t a big investment. The little bedroom changes came to a huge 20 something dollars, and I know I’ll be able to use the plain black curtains somewhere in our new home someday!


I know the change isn’t huge, but it feels a bit more like us. I had originally said that I move THESE pillows to the bedroom, but I changed my mind. I do that a lot! 😉 Like I said before all the everything besides the black curtains over the closets we already had. It tends to be a constant shuffle at our house.


I still plan to paint the dresser. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Soon! I did however make some changes on the picture frame wall above the dresser.


I replaced some of the pictures with a few pieces of art I’ve made over the years, and the noses and mustaches are sunglasses holders that Shane’s uncle made. He’s an artist in Florida that’s always coming up with fun little creations.

The only other change was just an embarrassing mishap. I killed the bamboo. Really I just neglected it. I just didn’t love them…I’m very picky about plants. I had these fake succulents that I found a while back at Hobby Lobby. They don’t look too terribly fake so I just stuck them in there instead.


Well that’s all the bedroom changes for now. I’m much happier with our bedroom now. It feels like it fits our style a lot more. If only I could get Shane to stop building things for other people and get him to build me a bed! Someday…



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