Spring Fever and Back Yard Progress


I don’t know know about you, but it seems like everyone in this family is in desperate need of some vitamin D. All of our dogs spend their day laying in whatever sunny spot in the house they can find.

This past summer we transformed our backyard. Since the dogs and I have spring fever pretty bad, I thought it might be nice to see pictures from the summertime!

Our backyard was pretty horrific to start with. We had a huge tree (that was mostly dead) shading our entire backyard, very little grass, and the saddest excuse for a deck ever. We changed all of that. We hope to really fine tune the back yard this summer, but it’s a huge improvement for now.



These are old pictures, and our grass is doing much better now. We also have vines climbing the fence and filling the top portion. I can’t wait to show you more pictures this spring and summer.


Here are the before and progress pictures..

The old, sad, little deck…


The deck not quite finished…


The start of the fence and the new shed…


Let me tell you a little story about the fence. Shane and I were less than thrilled at the idea of building a fence. We knew it wouldn’t be a fun job at all. We decided we would rather pay someone to do it for us. We got a quote and quickly changed our minds. They quoted us over $4,000, and we got the job done for under $1,800. It wasn’t fun, but well worth the savings in the end.


Shane’s concrete fire pit…


The backyard revamp included:

-having 3 trees cut down (It was necessary as they were dead and too close to the house.)

-tearing off old deck and building a new HUGE deck

-creating a patio area with pavers

-pouring a concrete fire pit

-building a privacy fence

-building a storage shed

-spreading grass seed, then spreading some more

-adding pergola to one side of fence for additional privacy

-purchasing new outdoor sectional and umbrella for shade

Things we still plan to do

-A lot of landscape fine tuning

-siding the house

-build outdoor coffee table for seating area


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