Living Room Changes

We’ve made some living room changes. The changes came in steps. First, I moved our blue chair. It felt sort of hidden behind our couch.

Here’s where it was before.



Then we moved the table that Shane had made from scrap wood out. We have plans to repurpose it, but it was making out couch protrude out into the room too much. I moved a shelf that I had in our bathroom out into the living room in order to fill it with some of our travel souvenirs. We’ve been wanted to display them for a while now but just haven’t had a good place to put many of them. The plant switched corners, and the biggest living room change…WE GOT A NEW COUCH! YAY! I’ve been wanting a new couch forever, but just hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. We went with an IKEA Karlstad sofa. We really wanted a chase, and have read really good reviews on this couch. My sister and her husband have the same couch and seem to really like theirs. So we went for it!

Here’s all the new changes!




The new couch is so much more cozy and comfy. It was really such a necessary change. I’d love to refinish or paint the legs to the couch at some point, but my to-do list is so long.



The cube coffee table I already had. I bought it at HomeGoods a few years ago, and it’s been hiding in the back bedroom.



We found a large basket at Target for our large plant. The plastic container still sticks out a bit, so we will probably cut it shorter eventually. The basket is part of the Nate Berkus collection so I love it extra! 😉 I’m a Nate fan for sure!






I brought this shelf to the living room with the intention of getting our travel goodies out in the open. The shelf had previously been in the bathroom. I think it serves a better purpose out in the living room.







There’s all our living room changes…For now!


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