I Painted It…

I did it. I painted it.


Now before you all get too upset, let me explain. I’m an advocate for painting wood when: A. The piece just isn’t working in your space. B. The wood is not high quality. C. There are several blemishes that cannot be repaired or refinished. This piece qualified in all the above mentioned scenarios. This was a piece was given to me. While it comes from a very reminiscent and popular time period, it is not a quality built piece. Most of it is veneered. The top was very damaged, and the finish on it was super fragile. One drip of water would leave a pretty bad water mark no matter how quickly you ran for a towel. It just wasn’t working in my space anymore. I was tired of strategically placing items to cover blemishes, and I wanted more white in that area. So….I did it.


I chose to just paint the top and the sides, because those were the areas with the most damage. I really love it. It added the extra brightness that part of the room needed.


I used Valspar Paint + Primmer in Semi Gloss. The color is Ultra White. It’s the same color as the walls. After sanding it, I applied 3 very thin coats of paint. I let the coats dry throughly in-between each new coat. Painting is something that seems like it should be a quick project, but it is not. This project lasted about 48 hours. After the second coat I sanded it smooth with 220 grit sand paper just to be sure the final coat would go on nice and smooth. I know painting furniture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine!



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